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County Fair Horse Show

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This was the first year we were able to compete in the Jim Wells County Horse Show.  We had a really nice friend offer to haul our horse for us since we don’t have a horse trailer yet, and the girls were thrilled to have the chance to show! Thanks Misti!!

We were up by 4:30 am Saturday morning and loaded up Napoleon at 5:30 in the dark. He’s such a good boy, he totally didn’t mind. We got to the fair grounds early to help set up the arena. By 7 am, the fairgrounds was buzzing with trailers and kids registering. A little after 8 am the halter classes started. Taylor was excited to lead Lee in the halter class! After halter classes, which is judged on the conformation of the horse, was the showmanship classes, which is judged on how the 4-Her presents the horse. Taylor ended up with first place in Jr Showmanship, which means she will be receiving her very first belt buckle at the awards ceremony next Saturday along with the other showmanship winners of each of the other livestock categories.  How exciting! She also received a pair of fancy engraved spur straps and a first place ribbon. 


She then dressed up herself and Lee (with help from Morgan!) for the costume contest, and had a ball with that.


After lunch were the speed events which both girls participated in. They both ended up with times on every event that they participated in! (As opposed to running back through the timer and getting a “no time”!) This is progress! And Lee and the girls did an amazing job.  They came home with a few ribbons, and had a blast!

We are hoping to have a trailer by next year so we can take both Lee and Grace!

Morgan and her friend Abi with her horse Scarlet:


Taylor (with Lee)  and Avery (with Nifty):

DSCN3302.jpg picture by ksudoc93

Morgan running straights:


Taylor going into poles:


Great job girls!!


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