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Can You Write a Novel in 30 Days??


     I just have to share our latest adventure. Last year I saw some of my TOS Crew mates talking about NaNoWriMo, but we were just so busy I didn’t even endeavor to figure out what it was all about. So this year, since I’ve been evaluating our writing skills, I decided to check out my friend Tristan’s blog post since I knew she and her daughter were “winners” last year and she mentioned it was time again. ( By the way, Tristan’s blog Our Busy Homeschool is a VERY encouraging and uplifting place to visit for homeschool and family-oriented inspiration – I have no idea how she accomplishes all that she does, and her kids are absolutely adorable 🙂 ! )

      The first thing I learned was that NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month.  Second thing I learned was that there is an adult website and Young Writers website. Adults have a preset goal of 50,000 words for their novel, whereas kids can set a goal.  Third thing was that you write the novel during the month of November- reaching your word count goal by November 30th at midnight.

     So I went to the NaNoWriMo website, signed up, then clicked on over to the Young Writer’s website to check it out.

     When I introduced this idea to my girls, they became really excited and we immediately signed them up for the Young Writer’s Program.

NaNoWriMo Logo

     Once there, they both set up profiles, uploaded pictures, and began discovering all that the forums had to offer. They both love to write stories and are collecting ideas already of what they might want to write their first novels about.  My oldest sat down at the computer and started typing to gain an understanding of word counts so she could set an accurate goal.   (The YWP website also has a handy word-count calculator to help you determine a realistic goal by grade level.) They were both very encouraged to see that last year CreateSpace offered a free proof copy in paperback form  to “winners” (those who met their word count goals) who submitted their manuscripts to the appropriate place, and they plan to do this again this year!

     One absolutely amazing resource that they have available is their 100% awesome, non-lame Young Novelist workbooks for Elementary, Middle and High School levels. Even more amazing than that? They are FREE!  (You can donate to the cause if you wish.)

Elementary Student Noveling Workbook

     As they become available, I will be adding the NaNoWriMo participation badges to my blog sidebar as well as word count badges to keep up with where we all are on our goals. Now just to get our other computer up and running again so we aren’t all waiting to type on the same one!

Stay tuned, and WON”T YOU JOIN US????????????

*Click on the graphics to go to the NaNoWriMo website, Young Writer’s Program website, or to view and download the workbook.



3 thoughts on “Can You Write a Novel in 30 Days??

  1. You’re onto a great thing! As a writing teacher, I’ve done NaNoWriMo with my upper elementary students, and they loved it! It’s a great group accountability/motivational process; we wrote daily, drew and painted illustrations, edited, had “book signings” for parents, the works! GREAT fun! Highly recommended!

  2. How great to have several of you in one house, cheering each other on! Best of luck and enjoy the ride.

  3. I am thinking about participating this year.

    On another note, TAG! You are IT! 🙂

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