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The building of Gunn Ranch Academy one caliche rock at a time; our friends, family, passions, learning adventures and our little piece of HIStory in the making!


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Want to meet some new additions to Gunn Ranch?


This is our Prezwalski’s Horse.  Zoological Name: Equus ferus. Conservation Status: Domesticated. Global Home: Worldwide.

 And this is our Okapi. Zoological Name: Okapia johnstoni. Conservation Status: Near threatened. Primary Habitat: Tropics. Global Home: Africa.

And from the Gunn ranch nursery, our new Gnu calf, baby indian elephant calf, and piglet.

Did you know that elephants can comsume over 500 pounds of food per day?

Well, fortunately for us,  we don’t have to feed these new additions to our Gunn Ranch Zoo. And while we have been known to receive live animals in the mail (we got a box of mail order chickens, ducks and geese last spring! ), these weren’t making much noise when they were delivered.  But I must say my critter loving ranch hands were every bit as excited as to receive this package as the one last spring. When we received our shipment of Schleich animal figures, they were immediately divided up and the rest of the collection was brought out and set up to begin a new adventure at Gunn Ranch!  Besides the forementioned figures, we received a donkey, gnu, and dartmoor pony.

We are truly Schleich fans at our house, and I do believe these are among  the highest quality, most durable, and accurate representative figures I’ve  seen.  I am a firm believer in imaginative play, and the Schleich company has provided many hours of  opportunity for just that at our house. From their huge range of animals of all kinds to their knights, elves, and wild west characters, Schleich has some of the best characters as well as adventure sets, castles, barns, and accesories to make imaginative play the most fun it can be.

My girls really enjoy browsing the catalouge which can be picked up where many Schleichs are sold. They also enjoy browsing the website for upcoming releases.  Speaking of the website, there are some great things to be found there. While they don’t sell the product from their website, they do have a search for your nearest retailers. We have bought many from Tractor Supply, Target, Toys are Us, and various websites. They also have playworlds  on the website where kids can enjoy playing games. 

I can see so much potential for utilizing these figures in our homeschool environment. They would certainly bring to life any unit study about the animal types themselves, habitats, zoology, endangered species, and certainly the human characters would be great for history and other types of unit studies. I have over the years been amazed and delighted to watch my children act out what they have learned. This, to me, is where the real learning takes place, and the real joy of homeschooling (and parenting in general!) is realized.  The website has many interesting facts about each animal, (that’s where I got the facts I included for the animals at the beginning of this post) and could be a great learning opportunity as well! 

Schleich animals and character figures (as well as barns and many other accessories)  will continue to be a part of Gunn Ranch Academy homeschool adventures for years to come.

As far as price goes, the figures range anywhere from $2.99 for the baby gnu calf, to $5.99 for the adult gnu, to $4.49 for the indian elephant calf, to $6.99 for the Okapi. (These prices are from one of the websites we order from and will vary depending on your source.)

They make AWESOME Christmas presents as well as stocking stuffers, and birthday gifts. My kids have had Schleich items on their Christmas lists for the past few years!

If you have adventure loving, imagination rich, critter loving kids in your life, do them a favor and introduce them to the world of Schleich!

Check out what my crew mates had to say over at the crew blog!

Happy Adventures!!


HSCrew468x60Animated.gif picture by homeschoolcrew

We received these critters as  members of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received, and my opinion here is my own honest one.


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