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America’s Math Teacher


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Rick Fisher, who graduated college with a B.S. in mathematics, has devoted his time and talents to teaching math to fifth and sixth grade students.  Each year about half of his students bypass seventh grade math and move right into a high powered eighth grade algebra program. It was with these successful talents that he created the online math program America’s Math Teacher which acts as a 24/7 math tutor. This is a brand new online community which is set up with Learning Centers, an Exercise Center, an Evaluation Center, and a Resource Center.

Once registered and logged into your AMT account, a student will be able to access the main hub of video tutorials, printed exercises, quizzes and final exams through a chosen learning center.

There are four learning centers. 

*Course 1- Basic Math Skills is designed for 4th and 5th graders and teaches exact topics recommended by the President’s Math Advisory Coucil.

*Course 2- Advanced Math Skills is for middle grade students, but is great for older math students needing review.

*Course 3- Pre-Algebra Concepts is for students about to embark on their Algebra journey.

*Course 4- Algebra is called the “gateway” subject, opening up all kinds of possibilities for students who wish to complete advance math, science, and technology courses.

In the Exercise center the parent can print off problems designed to complement each tutorial lesson, along with an answer key. Each lesson sheet that we printed has two speed drill exercises included at the top for which the parent/teacher can choose the operation and help the student stay skilled and/or improve in keeping math facts fresh in their minds. We liked these math drills, and I liked that even though my students are on different levels they could still race against  each other doing these drills.

     The evaluation center is available to test the level of a student, where they need to begin the program, as well as testing skills after completing video lessons. There are quizzes after each section of the course, followed by a final exam. There are also practice tests to help prepare a student for the final exam, each quiz having different problems from the main pool of questions. A certificate of completion will be available to print upon receiving a passing score.

The resource center is where you’ll find the written exercises to download, lists of NCTM standards, all lessons lists, and an online version of the speed drill in which you can choose the operation and race against your own time. I enjoyed this myself!

So what did we think of America’s Math Teacher?

I was actually excited to see how my girls would be able to utilize AMT,  with our current math program. I really felt Morgan was needing something to pull her lessons together to move into pre-algebra.  She was able to review several of the tutorial videos and work through some problems she was having with her current math program. I am really thankful we have another month with AMT to see if she will be able to move on into pre-algebra, and then be ready for Algebra. If she continues to learn well from these lessons we might consider a paid subscription to the AMT website for her, however, it is just a bit above our budget.

For Taylor, this program was not quite as useful because of the program we currently use for math. While she is progressing through math in a mastery format, she is used to a much different method of learning. She did comment that the video tutorials seemed to explain the problems very thoroughly and she could really see and understand the problems the way he taught them, so this program might be useful as well for us in the future with her.

I would definitely recommend this online math program to pull together a current program, or even as a sole curriculum to help parents confidently teach math concepts to their students.

A one year subscription allows access to the entire library of courses and costs $195.00. Algebra II will be added to the site in the near future as well!

You can try out some of the video lessons and even print exercises free so you can check it out for yourself!

As always, please check out the Crew Blog  to see what my crewmates thought about America’s Math Teacher!


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**I was given a free 60 day subscription to AMT as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions expressed in this review are my own honest ones.



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