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Summertime happenings


Can’t believe we’re halfway through June already! I’m still waiting on some time to try and repair my blog. I’m not thrilled with any of the templates- I’ve looked through them all a dozen times and played with the couple that had what I was looking for but I”m just not satisfied with them.

But alas, the new TOS Crew has joined our forum and we are getting things packed and ready for a new cruise, so I”m feeling the pressure of needing to get my blog fixed.  I have four crewmates on my mini- crew team that I will introduce as soon as I get all their blog addresses and we name our team. 🙂

We had a great visit with my sister-in-law and niece, and one of the girls has gone back to Tennessee with them for two weeks. I’m looking forward to flying back to Tennessee to spend a week with my famly as well, then we’ll be back to work and then school before you know it.

I’m sure hoping once I get my blog redesigned that I can start making more updates again…so much going on with baby animals, gardens, ranchlife, twisters carrying our chicken coop away, you name it. 🙂

So here’s to summertime, sunshine, trips to the beach,  my new mini-crew mates and our funny little baby goose.


3 thoughts on “Summertime happenings

  1. I understand about the templates. Of all the choices, I like this on the most, I think.

    We’ve gotten to see Taylor twice thus far. The kids love spending time w/ her. She was supposed to spend the night with us tonight but Grandma had to keep Lily and so that threw a wrench in Taylor coming here. 😦 We’re hoping to re-schedule for another night. We all can’t wait for the rest of you to arrive.

    See you soon!
    Praising Him,

  2. re. your funny little baby goose- we had two precious baby geese. We had fun holding them, then they grew up. 🙂 Do you have any advice on how to stop them from chasing us? I know they are just being friendly but we can’t hold them any more. I feel quite silly flapping my arms and running to get them to shoo.

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