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Our Crew Favorites and Thank You’s for the 2009-10 Voyage

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Today as our 09-10 TOS Crew pulls into the harbor, docks, and we all say our goodbyes for the second voyage-year, it’s time again, to post a list of our family favorite products and vendors .   I have been greatly blessed to have been on the Maiden Voyage 2008-09 as well as return for the 2009-10 cruise,  and I am overjoyed to have been chosen to be  Firstmate for the upcoming 2010-11 adventure! This next few weeks will allow me to unpack, do some laundry, and organize some stuff around the house as well as get my blog in order (hopefully!!) before we set sail again. I’m so excited to have a mini-crew next year to mentor, and I’m looking forward to getting to know a brand new crew, as well as some new and returning vendors. 

For the 2009-10 TOS Homeschool Crew Voyage, our famiy favorites in no particular order were:

*Great Latin Adventure I and II by Classical Legacy Press (ongoing- watch for updated posts on our progress!)

*Grapevine (finished Old Testament for review and bought New Testament- we’re half way through that one!)

*Nutrition 101 – Growing Healthy Homes (continuing to work through it)

*Virginia Soaps and Scents (ordered more soap and laundry soap and will continue to order their products!)

*Mathletics (bought a year subscription for both girls once review time ran out!)

* Homeschool in the Woods–  Olde World Style Maps (continuing to print off maps for our history studies, and will use these throughout our homeschool years)

*Graphic Toolbox by Great Software Tools ( Morgan has continued to design cool projects, and I’m looking forward to using it eventually too)

*Beehive Readers by All About Spelling (I purchased the newest reader in addition to the two I reviewed and will add the whole collection as it comes out)

*Sarah Books (purchased the next two books and will continue collecting the series as they are written. We also get the cool newsletter!)

*Hank the Cowdog by Maverick Books (love these so much we named our own Head of Ranch Security (Great Pyrenees puppy) Hank)

*ABC Teach (purchased a year subscription after our review time ran out!!)

 Some personal favorites in addition to our family favorite:

Morgan (13)


*Web Design for Kids

Taylor (almost 10)

*Presidential Penmanship Italics by Zeezok

*Christian Keyboarding

Levi (4)

*Time 4 Learning Preschool

*Kinderbach (still his very favorite even though we couldn’t use it with our country-fried internet )

Thank you so much to the awesome vendors and talented people who have graciously blessed our family with these fabulous products this year. Our family would also like to extend our gratitude to The Old Schoolhouse magazine, and especially to Heidi and Brenda for allowing us to be a part of a larger family of caring and supportive friends. 

See ya soon, as we set sail for another fun-filled year of reviews!



One thought on “Our Crew Favorites and Thank You’s for the 2009-10 Voyage

  1. Loved your list. Ours would match, almost, if I posted one. We didn’t get GLA and couldn’t do Graphics Toolbox with our Mac, but all of the others were our favorites as well. We also have a Great Pyrenees. She is still technically a puppy but she is huge at 18 months and so sweet. She is our ‘goat dog’ staying in the goat yards 24/7.

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