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Lobster Network- Bless and Be Blessed!!

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I have no doubt your first question is probably the same as mine when I first saw the name Lobster Network.


I’ll sum it up as easily as it was for me, take a look:

**IT** being your personal belongings: books, homeschool items, dvd’s, cd’s, computer software,  vaccuum cleaners, hairbrushes, hair clips, saddles, bridles, bits,  stethoscopes,  scrub shirts, egg  cartons, canning jars, fly swatters, barbque grills, family jewels,  costumes, horse trailers, yachts, baby brothers, etc…

Ok, well maybe not baby brothers- that was on the keep list 🙂

So now that you know a little about Lobster Network, let me explain a bit more.

This is a FREE networking site where you and your friends, neighbors,  homeschool groups, coops, churchs, scouts or 4-H groups or even Bunko group, can create communities of “friends”- each setting up  a personal account to list an inventory of your personal stuff. You can choose to keep the personal items you list as private (for inventory and insurance purposes), or share them through lending or selling. You can look around at your friends stuff to see if they have anything you need to borrow (you have to approve your friends).  The nice part is when you lend something out, you no longer have to wonder who that was you lent it to, or how long they’ve had it. Here you can set time limits for keeping tabs on your stuff so that when another friend asks if you happen to have a certain book they are wanting to read, you can find out whether the borrower is finished and pass it on.

I can’t wait to spend some time over the summer to enter my items into my account. I will definitely start with my homeschool books, as it will give me a nice place to see what I have and what I need to complete our studies in preparation for next year.  I am really excited about the potential of having a place to borrow and purchase things we need to add to our school. I also love the idea of sharing the blessing of books and materials that I have grown from spiritually with others, so that they might be blessed too!!

There are so many possiblilities and so much potential in this unique idea of  item networking, that I really urge you to click on over to Lobster Network  and take a video tour, then create your free account and get started. I know once you discover all the possibilities of this little jewel-of-a-website, you’ll want to invite all of your friends to join you!

Take a look at what my crewmates had to say over at the crew blog.

Happy Sharing!!



I created a free account on Lobster Network as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received, and opinions expressed here are my own honest thoughts and feelings.



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