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U.S. Gov & Politics AP Exam Prep by Cerebellum

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Cerebellum Corporation is a company dedicated to learning through providing a vast  dvd learning library and  instructional systems for home use as well as classroom use.

Our Crew was asked to review the Advanced Placement DVDs from their Light Speed series. Crewmates received one of four subjects in this exam prep series.

AP English Language & Comp. Exam PrepHistory of the U.S. AP Exam PrepU.S. Gov & Politics AP Exam Prep

Our family received Light Speed U.S. Gov & Politics AP Exam Prep.

The material contains 2 discs, one being a video program and the other a digital workbook of outline and notes, practice questions, games, and quizzes.

While we are a long way from AP prep at our house, I thought it would be interesting to pop the dvd in and let my 13 and 9 year olds watch. I explained the idea of AP testing and told them that  I actually took the Language Arts Advanced Placement test when I was in high school ( many moons ago),  earning college credit from a qualifying score on the test. Then I explained to them that this high school level program is designed to give a review/overview of High School US government and politics course material to prepare to take the AP exam, not to actually teach the material.

So here we go- the first thing they mentioned was the “light speed” at which the material was presented! It is, indeed, appropriately named, and I do believe quite a quick yet thorough review of the given course material. The age appropriate students presenting the material were animated, well spoken, engaging, and even funny at times to make this a far from boring review. The graphics and backgrounds were colorful and pleasing to the eye, again, lending to an entertaining and fun format as opposed to sitting at a table flipping through a boring text or course notes.

The topics covered are arranged in an easy to view “30 in 30” format. This means that 30 essential topics are presented in a total of 30 minutes. While I do think this gave my girls a lightening speed introduction to government, I can positively say they didn’t “learn” anything from it, LOL. It will, however,  be a very useful tool as we do move into government in the future years. I especially love having the digital workbook that accompanies the video program to print out quiz material and outlines as we are going through the course.  I’m thrilled to have this valuable tool on our bookshelf for future use, and will certainly be recommending it to others who have high school students preparing for exams, or even struggling through these subjects.

I will also say I am planning to order the Language Arts program since I took the AP test myself in high school. I would also be interested to see how much of it my girls comprehend after just finishing up a rather extensive grammar program, as well as give them an overview of what they need to accomplish in the area of writing skills.

This company really has some GREAT products to offer, and I am so grateful to know their products are available to add that extra boost of  success in many areas of study.

Light Speed AP exam prep programs normally retail for $14.98, but are currently on sale at just $11.24 per program!  They also have free shipping over $50.

You can also use the code OSH20 to get 20% off any Cerebellum product through the end of the year.  How cool is that??

As always, don’t forget to check out what my crewmates had to say about the AP exam series by Cerebellum over at the Crew Blog!

Happy Studying!


This product was sent to our family free as members of the Tos Crew for purpose of review. Opinions expressed here are our own; no other compensation was received.


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