Nothin' 2 Prove

The building of Gunn Ranch Academy one caliche rock at a time; our friends, family, passions, learning adventures and our little piece of HIStory in the making!


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Any blog experts out there, please PLEASE PLEASE could you just come over to my house and fix all this mess for me- LOL. I feel like I’ve invested millions of hours over the past four years on my blog (just to get it mediocre-) and now feel like my house just burned down and I lost everything.
I saved my old template, but didn’t save any of the time it took to put the old blog together- If you live within a few hundred miles of South Texas, yeah, that sound you hear is me screaming. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!


One thought on “Help!!

  1. Hey friend. I just found out this morning how to transport all of our HSB blog stuff over to blogger. It’s in my blog entry today. So if you want to move to blogger, it’s super easy! Of course you don’t have to move but if you want to, you can and with ease. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see y’all!


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