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Hair Shine by BeeYouTiful

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Hair Shine Spray-In Conditioner

     Our TOS Crew was recently introduced to a great little company called BeeYouTiful whose goal is to bring natural products to families that they *themselves* have tested out and used so that people can take charge of maintaining their own health and well being by "natural" means.

     They carry a variety of products from vitamins and supplements to essential oils and products made from them, to natural soaps and lotions, books, and much more. They are committed to adding products to their  list as they use and "approve" them, providing a great resource for those looking to take charge of their famlies health naturally.

     Our Crew was asked to choose from a selective list of products for review. Our family decided to try the Hair Shine spray in conditioner. We currently use many products that are very similar to ones that they carry, so these natural products aren’t new to our family. I have used essential oils for many years, as well as naturopathic remedies and natural beauty products of all sorts.

    I was, therefore, quite excited to try out this combination of aloe vera concentrate, with lavender, rosemary, and orange essential oils.

    The first thing my daughter mentioned was how very small the package was. Upon opening it, she said, "that’s it?" I reminded her how very concentrated essentail oils are, but did make note that $15.00 (plus $6.00 shipping per order) seems a fairly steep price for 4 ounces, even knowing that natural products and essential oils can be somewhat costly.

     We tried the product out on both wet and dry hair, and found that it does, indeed create soft, shiney and manageable locks for the many different hair types in our household. While I understand that fragrance is a highly personal opinion, the general concensus in our household was that it smelled great. I especially like what the citrus adds to the overall fragrance. Again, our family is very accustomed to essential oils for household and personal use. My four year old son often commented to me how great my hair smelled! I would like to say this is the first product of this sort I’ve used that did NOT make my hair greasy or leave a residue. I really liked that I could spray as much as I wanted and never feel it on my hair except that it made it very soft and silky.

     We did try it on insect bites, and again, found the claims to help stop the itch to be true.  We have used a particular essential oil on insect stings for years and found it to be very effective at stopping itching and swelling.

     While we are so very careful and try to be conscientious of the damages of the South Texas sun, we do occasionally get a good old fashioned sunburn. After spending a day on horseback, both girls did end up with toasted skin, and used the Hair Shine to sooth their sunburns. We already have a product very similar to the Hair Shine which is actually made for sunburns, and the girls thought the Hair Shine worked just as well, without leaving any residue on their skin.

     All in all, I’m really sad  that I only have a small amount left in the bottom of my little bottle of Hair Shine. While I do understand the quality of ingredients in this product can be quite costly, I feel the product is just too cost prohibitive for our family. I would certainly recommend that anyone who has the budget for and is looking for quality natural health products click on over to BeeYouTiful’s website and check them out!

     Don’t forget to check out what my Crewmates chose for their families to review over at the Crew blog.


I received this product free of charge as a member of the TOS Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions expressed here are my own, honest thoughts and feelings.


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