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Lesson Planet

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Lesson Planet - Your lesson plan search engine. Find the best lesson plans for teachers including math lesson plans and science lesson plans.

Lesson Planet website

Lesson Planet is a search engine site for educators. Our Crew was given a three month membership to check it out.

Upon signing in to this website, I found a very well designed, user-friendly layout, and began to search subjects we are currently covering immediately. Lesson Planet basically helps find lesson plans and worksheets, but also has a section on state standards,  as well as a create your own lesson maker, online storage, newsletter maker, and a few other features classroom teachers might find helpful. A teacher can search subjects by grade as well as rating (one to five stars), and refine searches with specific areas of interest. One can also search by clicking on the subject categories on the homepage.

I can imagine that teachers teaching in classrooms or group settings might find this information helpful. After spending much time searching the subjects and topics we are currently working on now, I didn’t find anything I could use in our homeschool. Many of the links that I did click on were dead links, which can happen in any search engine. I then tried searching for extra-curricular or non-traditional type topics and still came up empty handed.  Our homeschool isn’t lesson plan driven, and we really don’t use many worksheets unless it’s something included in a particular program we might be using.  I have also learned to be pretty efficient at Googling extra materials we need, as well as utilizing our library resources.


For teachers or parents interested in this type of search engine, Lesson Planet has a 10 day free trial before commiting to a $39.95 per year membership.

While Lesson Planet wasn’t a good fit for our family, some of the Crew members did find it helpful. You can check out all of the reviews over at the Crew Blog.


As a member of the TOS Crew I was given access to Lesson Planet’s online service for 3 months. No other compensation was received and opinions expressed here are my own.


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