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Super Star Games

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Our family had the opportunity to review several downloadable educational games which would make a neat addition to any homeschool! These games were created by Speech Language Pathologist and Homeschooling Mom Debra Lott (with some help from her kids of course ).

Now I have been known to be quite partial to products created "for homeschoolers by homeschoolers," and this is no exception. I just love the fact that these creative homeschooling moms and families are willing to share their talents and inventions with us.

While I love notebook/living book style of learning, lately I’ve been wondering how I could incorporate some workbook pages, or maybe some homeade multiple choice/matching quizzes or such into our learning for reinforcement and memory of some of the more important facts that seemed somewhat "boring to memorize" when I was a kid, especially history. When I saw these games I realized they might fit right into what I was looking for. Many have multiple choice type questions to answer and pieces to move on a gameboard, and all have some great knowledge base reinforcement mixed with a great element of fun.

The games may be downloaded, and saved to your computer. Then you can print the gameboards, cards, questions, or whatever pieces the particular game consists of. Some require dice and token pieces which can be borrowed from other games, or purchased cheaply at a dollar store. Game pieces could also be homeade, or even edible like pieces of candy. (Makes for easy cleanup) 

You can be as creative as you wish with the game boards, but gluing it to a file folder for ease of storing away and getting back out is a great option.

We downloaded 11 Super Star Games:

*Silly Snail which reviews parts of speech and the kids really enjoyed.

*Planets, Moons and Stars which reviews astronomy trivia and is very colorful and was another favorite.

*Road to Revolution which we will enjoy having on our way through American history

*Explorers of the World which showed us we need to work on some famous names from history some more!!

*The Inventors Game which the girls liked.

*Exploring the Continents was another favorite as the girls tried to dominate the world…LOL

*Colony Quest which we will enjoy having when we revisit the 13 colonies

*Exploring Egypt which *I* really enjoyed because I felt a nice sence of accomplishment from hearing the girls answer many trivia questions correctly after our study of Egypt last year!!

*Climb the Vine which will be a great addition when we start Apologia’s Botany in the fall!!

*The Insect Game which I’ll be curious to see how much the girls remember from their Apologia Flying Creature of the 5th Day study  a couple of years back!!

*All About Animals…ummm, yeah, definitely a favorite for this animal loving family!!

For just $3.50 per game (Or cheaper if you download them as bundles) you can add some fun while reinforcing what your kids are learning in these subjects.

Check out the Super Star Speech website for a link to CurrClick to download these games as well as take a peek at a great Speech Therapy program .

 Several of our crewmates reviewed the Super Star Speech therapy program too, so click on over to our  Crew Blog and read what my crewmates thought of these games as the speech program.

Happy Homeschooling!


I downloaded these games for free as a part of the TOS Homeschool Crew so I could review them. No other compensation was received, and opinions expressed here are my own.


One thought on “Super Star Games

  1. Thanks for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed the games!

    Debbie Lott

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