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Children’s Bible Hour Ministries Seasons of Faith series

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Children’s Bible Hour Ministries website

I was not familiar with Children’s Bible Hour Ministries before this review. Upon viewing their website, I saw a variety of Christian resources that look great for children. Among these were the Seasons of Faith series of storybooks with narrated CD’s that our TOS Crew received for review.

I received a package including four beautifully illustrated books with CD’s.  I learned that each book in the series represents a "season" in a Christian’s life:

*Spring- a time when a new Christian experiences new life in Christ

*Summer-when faith grows under God’s love and care

*Autumn-times of struggle and temptation, peer pressure, mistakes, scary transitions, etc.

*Winter- a difficult season when we learn to lean on Him

**Take a look here for a more complete description of the meaning and focus of the Season’s of Faith.

The actual books in the series are as follows:


Race with Midnight
Race with Midnight
Becky spends spring break on her cousin Sarah’s horse farm in Montana. Taking horse rides amidst the beautiful mountains and valleys, Becky tries to share her faith with Sarah as she talks about God’s creation. Will Sarah listen?

You Can't Come In
You Can’t Come In
Adam and his new friend Zack decide to build a tree fort one warm summer day. After zooming down a hill and falling into a muddy pond, Zack asks Adam about going to church and salvation. Will Adam be able to explain his faith to Zack?

Seventy Times Seven
Seventy Times Seven
Batter up! When Brad accidentally breaks the ice cream shop’s sign, the owner forgives Brad. But when his best friend Doug ruins Brad’s favorite baseball cap, will he be able to forgive Doug?

Braving the Storm
Braving the Storm
When Thomás moves away from his neighborhood and into a mobile home in his grandparents’ backyard, he misses his friends. There’s nothing to do around the apple orchard with no friends, his dad works a lot, and his little brother was hurt in an accident. All his sister wants to do is play with her dolls. Will Thomás be able to rely on God to get through the difficult times?

**Our Thoughts on the Seasons of Faith storybooks and cd’s:

I was excited to read through the books and have the chance to listen to the narrated cd’s.  I LOVED listening to the little records that accompanied books when I was little.  The books are nice quality with very nice illustrations.  I chose Race with Midnight first because our family is horse crazy and I figured the girls would choose it first as well. I could quickly see that the book’s intent to encourage children in their faith and help them grow in their walk with Christ was evident in the storyline. I did think the flow was a bit "forced" and seemed somewhat unrealistic to identify with as one girl shared her faith with the other. I do realize, however, that getting such a large point across in such a short story can often seem this way. The other stories were nice stories with about the same flow as well.

        When introducing the books to my girls I didn’t give them my opinion or preview of what they were about to listen to and read. We sat down with the book and listened to "Uncle Charlie" read the book on CD. Their first comments were that the book was quite "in your face" and annoying as far as sharing the gospel which took away from it being enjoyable as a story in itself.  (Both of my girls read on a level much higher than these books, so they had a hard time evaluating what ages they might be appropriate for.)

     They agreed it might be nice to use as a Sunday School Lesson for children. My four year old had no interest and I was unable to capture his attention with the books.

I feel the books would be super to share with a group of children, and the discussion questions would really make for a great lesson.

**Each title is sold seperately for $10.00 (+shipping), or the bundle of four can be purchased for $40.00 (with free shipping on the set of four from March 17th through April 15th if you use the code FREESHIPAPR15 ).

Check out what my Crewmates and their families thought of these books over at the Crew blog.



I received these books for free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received, and opinions expressed here are my own.



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