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Olde World Style United States and World Maps by Homeschool in the Woods

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Let me begin this review by saying if you haven’t ever visited Homeschool in the Woods website, it’s my priviledge and pleasure to introduce you to some of my very favorite superior-quality homeschool products developed through a passion for children to love learning, and specifically in understanding God’s providence through history.  I appreciate the time and awesome creativity that has gone into making such fabulous resources available to our homeschooling community, as well as bringing alive God’s hand in our remarkable history.
To my delight I received downloads for both World Map and United States Map sets.
The World Map set includes Ancient maps that offer physical characteristics such as mountain ranges and no political borders (with a couple of exceptions),  and Modern maps which have political boundaries as they would be seen today. For each set you may choose to print labeled, unlabeled and/or untitled maps according to your needs and intended use.  These hand drawn maps are truly beautiful and the nicest quality maps I’ve seen.
As we began study of Ancient Greece this year, I searched and came up with several different versions of maps for the girls to contrast and compare, and make a salt map on. As they are already familiar with the geography and characteristics of Ancient Greece at this point in our study, they both agreed that the map of Ancient Greece presented in this set was the best they had seen. I loved being able to print off an unlabled map and see how much they could fill in!
As we are also studying Old Testament history this year, the Twelve Tribes of Israel map came just at the right time! Of all the resources I have or have spent time searching the internet for, I didn’t have one just like that one. We haven’t used any of the Modern World maps yet, but I’m sure we will be printing many of those soon enough.  Included with the set is a section of awesome notebooking pages, flags, facts pages, graphics, geography vocabulary, history timelines, country reports, and much, much more. Very cool and equally as artistically impressive as the maps themselves!
The United States map set provides not only labeled and unlabeled versions of the USA states, but many American history maps to use throughout your studies of the growth and expansion of the United States. As with the World Map set, there are also beautiful notebooking pages, state fact sheets with symbols and state flags, and much more.  As we are participating in a 50 state postcard swap this year, I am excited to include these maps and information in our studies as we receive our postcards in the mail from homeschool families across the USA!
These beautiful map sets can be downloaded for $18.95 per set, or $28.95 for the combo-pak.
They can also be purchased on a CD for $19.95 individually or $29.95 for the set.
**Spend some time browsing the Homeschool in the Woods website for some other really great products!! Our family reviewed  the New Testament hands-on activity pak last year and LOVED it. The girls have asked if we can do it over again as we begin our New Testament studies in a few weeks!
**Don’t forget to head over to the TOS Homeschool CrewBlog and see my crewmates thoughts on this product.
Happy Hands-On Homeschooling!
I received these map downloads free of charge as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received, and opinions expressed here are my own honest thoughts and feelings.

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