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Graphics Toolbox by Great Software Tools, Inc.

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For review our family received a download of a computer graphics program called Graphics Toolbox by Great Software Tools. I haven’t personally had the time to really work with any programs of this sort in the past, but have always wanted to be able to at least understand the basics to work with pictures, make a cool blog heading or neat graphics for my blog, as well as be able to create cards, scrapbook pages, and other such projects. There have been times I was frustrated with not having the ability to create school projects for the kids, for 4-H, scouts, and even for work. When Morgan became interested in working with Microsoft Paint to make graphics, I noticed some pretty cool and creative projects developing. After I read that Graphics Toolbox had stemmed from a professional fashion design program, I was really excited to see what Morgan could do with it.

     After viewing an introductory video clip we were both inspired to get started. You can see what it’s all about for yourself here.

     I opened the graphics toolbox screen to get familiar with the layout. Since I had never really worked that much with graphics, I knew right away I’d need to go through the user’s manual first, and probably need some personal tutoring.  I opened up the 89 page user’s manual and began my quest for graphic knowledge. The user’s manual is very easy to understand and use due to screenshots, great pictures and examples.  I did find, however, that there is a LOT to this program. I do feel with time, anyone could probably sit down and figure it all out, but for me, I really needed some help. When I learned that the owners of Graphics Toolbox had graciously set up some online training sessions for the Crew, I was thankful, however soon figured out I wasn’t available to attend any of them. 

     In the meantime Morgan had opened the program and began trying to figure it out. Her first thoughts were that it was way different than any other she’d experienced, and she would definitely need to work through the user’s guide. When we learned that the Crew training sessions had been made available through video clips, we were both grateful to have some help.

    As we made time to sit down and watch the video clip of the training sessions, we both began to see the unlimited possiblities of this program. Morgan just went on and on with ideas of things she could do. Since she has worked with a couple of other basic graphics programs, she had the advantage of understanding some of the differences like the fact that there are not "layers" in this program, and the work area is like a big desk where you can have different parts of the project open to work on at the same time. The color possibilities are also endless and just amazing to work with.

     As these tutorials have been made available on the website, I believe anyone interested in providing their kids and/or themselves an open doorway into the world of technology and computer graphics should check this out for themselves. The price of $149.00 to get a license for one computer to run the program is really unbelievable for a graphics program of this professional, superior quality. Not only are the possibilities of the program endless, but the creativity and imagination of your children and their future can also be made endless through Graphics Toolbox. 

Minimum System Requirements


  • Microsoft® Windows® NT, 2000, XP or Vista 32-bit
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 80 MB of free hard-disk space

     Do your kids and yourself a favor, and download the free 30 day trial, gather around the computer and play along with a couple of the online training videos. You’ll open a whole new world of adventure!

Be sure to check out my Crewmate’s experiences and projects using Graphics Toolbox over at the TOS Crew blog.


Our family received a free download of Graphics Toolbox for one computer as a part of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received, and opinions expressed here are my own.


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