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All About Spelling Beehive Reader

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Our family loves All About Spelling (see our reviews here and here.) , so when I was on the website this summer purchasing the newly released level 5 of AAS, I noticed another little jewel that appeared to be the same superior quality and design as our beloved AAS series that I thought might just be something we’d be needing for Levi in the future.   When I learned our Crew would be receiving that Beehive Reader 1 that I had seen on the website I was really excited! 

   Throughout our homeschool journey I’ve not run across quite the same wonderfully designed, awesome quality materials as Marie Rippel’s All ABout Spelling.  I knew this reader would be the same.

     When we opened up this beautiful hardcover reader, we found 10 charming stories with the same "artsy" design format illustrations. Levi loved the pictures right away, but since he’s not reading yet I started to read the cute stories to him and Morgan said "Mom, don’t read them to him, then he will already know them once he starts using it as a reader!" I laughed and assured her he would still enjoy reading the stories himself in a couple of years once he’s able.  I was also equally as thrilled to see the "1" on the reader, because that means there should be more coming…a whole seried of these awesome little books!! And upon viewing the description of the reader on the AAS website, I learned that while the book can be easily used independently, it also coorelates with All About Spelling Level one!! There is a list for teacher’s use coorelating when to read the AAS lessons and Reader stories. How cool is that?

    You just can’t imagine how excited I am to have this to add to our AAS when Levi gets ready to start that.  It will make teaching Levi to read (and spell) a new and exciting journey for everyone.

** The Beehive Reader 1 has been awared a Silver Medal for the Moonbeams Children’s Book Awards. I can only imagine it should be receiving more awards in the future.

Look at some pages:



*****You can purchase the Beehive Reader 1 along with other AAS materials over at their website for $19.95**********************

See what my crewmates thought of the Beehive Reader 1 over at the TOS Crew Blog.


I received this product for free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew to review. No other compensation was received, and opinions expressed here are my own honest thoughts and feelings.



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