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Math Mammoth Revisisted

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   I was happy to see Math Mammoth onboard for a second year with the TOS Homeschool Crew vendors because our family enjoyed their products last year as you can see here.

   As I began looking through the Math Mammoth website to find one of the many programs that fit where we are currently working in math, I noticed a new series has been added to the original workbook series. The name "Make It Real Learning" alone sparked my interest.  After reading the description of the workbooks as "containing activities or problem situations taken from real-life with real data", I was intrigued to learn what this material had to offer.  These workbooks offer a series of word-problems that expand on a described situation or activity  from real-life that require the student to apply math skills and concepts learned from their regular curriculum.  There are ten situations per book with several questions which become more challenging as they progress. After each student set of questions follows the questions with answers worked out for the teacher to evaluate the student’s answers.

We were blessed with several workbooks from this series:

Make It Real Learning Arithmetic workbook

*Arithmetic 1 (grades 3-6) covers addition, estimation , subtraction, divison, bar graphs and place value.  Each section begins with the question "When am I ever going to use this?" followed by the concepts being learned in the section.  My daughter enjoyed such things as comparing prices of pet foods and bird cages with statistics from Petsmart, using bar graphs to compare Webkinz website visitors, and dividing popular snacks among friends. Read the complete list of activities included in this workbook and/or download a sample lesson here.  This workbook can be downloaded in pdf format for $4.99!

Make It Real Learning Fractions, Decimals, Percents I workbook

*Fractions, Percents, Decimals I ( graades 4-8) focuses on real-world situations that may be effectively analyzed using proportional reasoning concepts such as fractions, percents and unit conversion.  Beginning with a cake recipe to work with, Morgan was further challenged by money-making business opportunity ideas, a couple of other recipe problems, grouping spice drop candy on a pie chart,   and calculating the savings on Aeropostale jeans on sale, among other things.  Here favorite activity, though, was dividing up a Hershey bar! For a complete activity list and/or to download a free pdf sample look here! This workbook can be downloaded for $4.99!

Make It Real Learning Fractions, Decimals, Percents II workbook

*Fractions, Percents, Decimals II (grades 6-11) covers real-world situations analyzing decimals, ratios, histograms, and percents.

In answer to the question, "When am I ever going to use this?" the student discovers important conepts about body temperature, tracking basketball game scores, planning for college expenses, analyzing real estate investment deals, and how changing the ratio of a digital image distorts the image, among other things. Morgan hasn’t had the chance to actually work through any of the problems yet, but I worked through most of them and enjoyed the challenges myself.  I especially enjoy that following each group of questions is the teacher’s section with the problems worked out to refresh memories of how to work them, LOL.

Check out the complete list of ten activities covered here.  This workbook can be downloaded in pdf format for $4.99.

Make It Real Learning Sets, Probability, Statistics workbook

*Sets, Probability, Statistics I (grades 6-10) – this was my favorite of the series! I was excited to see how much Morgan could understand and work through.  While we’ve only worked through a few of the activities, she enjoyed grouping candy bars on a Venn diagram, determining the number of meal choices that can be made from a menu, and predicting the amount of points in the dice game "Pig". I was really impressed at the ease to which she picked up the concepts after first thinking about the problems then going over the answer section to comprehend how they were worked. We will be pulling these books out to go back over in the future for sure. For a complete list of activities and a sample chapter on using probability rolling the dice click here. This workbook can be purchased for download in pdf format for $4.99.

There are seven more books in this series through 12th grade calculus you can view here.

*****You can purchase all 11 Make It Real Learning workbooks for just $39.99!  I’m pretty sure once you see these little jewels, you’ll want them all. Especially since they include the upper level math concepts!*****

Also a part of the Make It Real Learning series are the States by Numbers workbooks. There are fifty workbooks in this series, one for each state, which offer problems based on data from the Census Burea’s 2008 Statistical Abstract of the United States.

Make It Real Learning States by the Numbers workbook bundle

We received both Texas and Tennessee which have the same questions problems adjusted with statistical data for the given state. The data makes the questions interesting covering such things as population, average salary,  total square miles of land and water per state, average cost of a hospital stay per day, average amount of children enrolled in public school, high school graduates, BTU’s of energy used, and many other topics. The sections  covered are place value, rounding, estimation, fractions, and percentages, with the same data questions repeated from previous sections to be solved with the given objective. At the beginning of each objective section is a great description of the object being discussed with a few "try-its" including answers to reinforce the object being discussed before the word problems are introduced. Following each object is a page titled "What’s the big idea?" which is a page for the student to write what they have learned from the preceeding exercises.

   My girls enjoyed learning about and comparing their two "home states" (both were born in Tennessee, living in Texas). We had opportunity to discuss lots of different aspects of data collection, state statistics, salaries, state territory, populations, and much more. These would be GREAT additions to state unit studies!!

You can see a complete list of mathematical objectives by section in the States by Numbers series here. Each state workbook can be purchased for download for $2.99, or the whole 50 state bundle can be purchased for $19.99.  

Our family recommends Math Mammoth!!

For my crewmates’ experiences with these and other Math Mammoth products, visit our Crew Blog!


I received these downloads free of charge from this vendor as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received ,and opinions expressed here are my own honest thought and feelings.


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