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Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts 3rd edition

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Retail $19.99

When I saw Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts on the available book list over at BookSneeze, I was excited, because I already own an earlier edition which has been somewhat helpful in our homeschool studies as well as some personal Bible study.

I noticed right away this newer edition includes full color pictures, maps and charts printed on nice quality paper in a well organized, easy to read layout.  As we are currently studying Old Testament history, this book has been a jewel.  Each chapter of the Bible from Old to New Testament is laid out with an overview of important information, what the chapter is about, people and places involved, themes, etc. Next is a section on author of the book, sometimes known and sometimes speculated with sources of supportive evidence. This is followed by a section on dates, then themes and literary structure of the specific book including an outline of the chapter.  There are numerous helpful charts, maps and diagrams tying in events and characters within as well as between chapters. Timelines and other discussions bring real facts to the support of events and help organize and thoroughly study the historical and signficant events of the Bible.

Another thing I really enjoy about this book is how the books of the Bible are divided into sections:

Old Testament books:

~The Pentateuch

~Wisdom Literature

~The Prophetic Books

~Intertestamental Period

New Testament Books:

~The Four Gospels

~The Epistles of Paul

~The General Epistles

   Finally, I really enjoyed the addition of real historical photos at the beginning of each chapter!

   One of the coolest aspects of this edition, however, is that all maps and charts are available for download at Thomas Nelson’s website!


    This book is a real jewel for making your adventure through God’s word come alive with meaning and richness either as an individual or group study.  It will rehydrate your Bible studies to help you drink of the living water like you never have before!

Especially recommended for homeschooling families, and highly recommended by Gunn Ranch Academy homeschool!


**I received this book free of charge from Thomas Nelson as a member of the BookSneeze blogger’s program. No other compensation was received, and opinions expressed in this review are my own honest thoughts and feelings.


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