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Kinderbach Remix

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  Last year one of my family’s very favorite Crew reviews was Kinderbach.  Here’s a picture of them last year:

 Kinderbach 001 by you.

(No, playing rhythm instruments on your head is not a part of it, but my kids had a blast with this, LOL)

You can check out our experience last year with it here.

  As I was planning on subscribing to Kinderbach once we got moved and settled, I was really excited to tell Levi that we would have the opportunity to spend another couple of months with Dodi, Frisco, and the rest of the gang. I was even more excited, however, to see how much he would progress through the program being a year older. When I told Levi about this, he immediately went into his room and brought out his little keyboard and began singing the "Dodi" song that he learned last year.

Unfortunately, we ran into some  bigtime tears  when our satellite internet would not cooperate with our viewing of the online video program.  While this was a major disappointment  for our family, it is indeed a testimony as to how much we loved Kinderbach.

I was able to appreciate some of the additions and changes to the program since our last experience with it.  There are many printables which go along with the lessons that I remember taking a bit of time to print off last year.  While the option of printing the pages upon opening the lessons is still available, a PDF download is now available to save and print from so the pages can be printed all from one folder saved to your computer if you want to print ahead of time and put them in a folder or binder.  I remember last year opening each lesson and printing pages , and feel it is really nice to have them all available in one place.

I also notice some changes to the website, and while it seemed well organized and easy to navigate before,  I see much work has gone into making it even more so. You can see free demos and the many options available for this exceptional music program at the Kinderbach website.

You may subscribe to the online lessons for $19.99 per month (if you pay by the month), or only $7.99 a month if paid in a one time yearly payment of $95.88.

The lessons are also available on DVD for those unable to access them online due to slower internet connection or other reasons.  While there’s no way our family can afford to purchase these, my eager Kinderbach Maestro certainly gives this program two thumbs up  for those fortunate enough to be able to!!

Kinderbach 002 by you.

(Levi having fun with his rhythm instrument last year)

Check out what my Crewmates thought over at the TOS Homeschool Blog !!


 I was given free access to Kinderbach online lessons for 3 months as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew for purposes of review. Opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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