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Leave a comment is an online math practice and assessment  program developed by MIT graduates to raise math test scores through adaptive math practice.

It includes levels from first grade through Algebra 1. It uses timed problem drills to move the child through different levels, and offers rewards before moving on to the next skill level.

The website offers a great intro video clip explaining how the program works,and also has a demo where you can check it out without registering. If interested in actually experiencing the whole program including the parent/teacher section where you can view your student’s progress and even sign up to get email reports, I would encourage you to sign up for a free 2 week trial. This way your students can actually use the program and you can see their level of interest, and the way it works with your own students. You can also have them take an assessment test to see where they are.

I couldn’t get either of my girls to try this program out. The screen basically looks like a workbook page, and after they were used to their other online math program where they get to create their own avatars and the screen comes alive with animation and design, they just couldn’t get into the plain and simple format of just answering math problems. Neither cares too much for sitting drilling math problems, and I really didn’t want to validate thier dislike for drilling math problems.  I went through a few of the drills myself to get a feel for the program and feel it is a valid, basic math drill program. It assesses and increases difficulty of problems according to your progression. You can earn trophies at certain levels, increase your rank status, and there are some fireworks for adequate progression through the levels for encouragement, on a very simple level.

If you are interested in a simple program which drills math facts,  especially if you have children who are easily distracted by video-game type programs, then this might be just the program for you. For us, the girls can spend hours "playing" on the video-game type math website, not really considering that they are actually drilling math facts as if they are just playing a game, and I’m thrilled to see huge progress, so I didn’t push the issue of making them try out this site.

I would, in closing, suggest that the free two week trial would be well worth the time spent to investigate this learning tool if you are looking for a program to help you drill math facts. It is not a complete teaching program, however.

As far a pricing, I copied this information from the website:

Home Service Prices Per Month
1st Student $14.95 $9.95
2nd Student $5.00
Each Additional Student $3.95
Coupon Benefits:
½ month free and $5 off
for 1st child.
Discounts valid for 2 months.
You have 2 students. One month of service costs $14.95.



I signed up for the two week free trial on the MathScore website to review this product as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received. Opinions expressed here are my own, honest experience with this product.


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