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Worship Guitar Class

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Worship Guitar Class

I could write a novel on my passion for music, and worship music specifically. It has been one of my deepest desires in teaching and preparing my children for a lifetime of stewardship and serving the Lord to instill in them a love and appreciation of one of God’s most generous and awesome gifts to us: music.  While I understand everyone isn’t granted the same talents to skillfully play a musical instrument or develop a beautiful voice, most people have been given ears and a heart to appreciate and receive this rich blessing God has created to sooth, encourage, validate, inspire, move and fullfill us.

When I first opened and viewed Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class Volume One dvd, I felt a kindred spirit in this talented musician.  If finding a teacher with a heart for using the gift God has bestowed upon her to glorify Him is important to you, then I feel you would appreciate her soothing and gentle teaching method. I would also like to mention that in all of the years of lessons I’ve taken in various instruments including piano,voice, flute, oboe, saxophone, and a few others, I’ve never been more inspired to practice and learn than when striving to play these familiar worship songs as opposed to "Wheels on a Bus Go Round and Round" or "Farmer in the Dell."

     For review we received Volume One Book and DVD (and a smaller booklet of the songs enclosed in the dvd case) for Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class, along with a brochure and a catalogue. This guitar program is for kids and adults age 10 and up. Some of the Crew reviewed the guitar program for younger kids as well.

     In my opinion, learning to play an instrument for the first time with no prior knowledge of music or instruments is very difficult without live instruction.  When my daughters wanted to learn to play violin I tried a couple of programs which looked easy and self-explanatory, and I felt with my prior musical training I should be able to figure it out. But I had never had success with stringed instruments, as I had tried to self teach guitar but couldn’t ever seem to get past the fingering and callouses. Likewise, my daughters had difficulty learning violin until we were blessed enough to find a homeschool band and choir.  There, both girls learned to play violin beautifully.

   They have both expressed interest in learning guitar before, so we were all excited to give this program a try. I feel this program would be difficult for a true beginner, as it moves very quickly through tuning the instrument, without much attention to detail. I feel tuning a stringed instrument can be difficult for a beginner without help of a trained ear, and progressing on into the lessons without the guitar properly tuned would be very discouraging.  Stopping and repeating the lesson on dvd over and over until the guitar sounds in tune with the instructor’s guitar certainly could lead to some frustration. The instruction on tuning each string could have been extended a bit longer to avoid having to repeat and find one’s  place on the dvd so many times. I feel a true beginner might not get past this part on their own, and would suggest this program wouldn’t work well to just hand off to a student to accomplish on their own. With a parent to supervise and operate the dvd player , however, the student should be tuning their guitar without too much problem with practice. The lessons require stopping and starting the dvd player as well, and I would suggest the same team effort in this so the student doesn’t lose track of their fingering while stopping and starting the dvd to practice. I should also mention that while the full sized book we received is sold seperately, the written instruction most certainly compliments the dvd and makes the tuning process as well as lesson instruction much more understandable.

   With the very first lesson, two chords are taught as well as basic strumming. It progresses on into the very first song, and again, the book has some great tips and visuals to compliment the dvd lesson. I’ll admit when I first received the lesson 1 course I wondered how far along one could possibly get in 7 lessons. I realized very quickly in viewing all of the lessons that proper mastery of each lesson before moving on would certainly take a significant amount of time and practice. I feel a student who completes all 7 lessons should be well on their way to a lifelong skill well learned, and best of all, can sit beside a campfire or in their room enjoying making beautiful music! (After all, isn’t that what learning to play guitar is really all about?) There are four volumes in this series, in which you can learn 28 songs, over 50 chords and over 20 strumming and finger picking patterns.  The dvd’s can also be played with spanish subtitles for the lessons and spanish voiceover for the songs.

     You can listen to an audio of all the lessons and watch the first lesson free here.


DVD Price- $24.95 each, $99.80 all four. ($40 bonus eBooks available free with set of 4.)

4 Pack Offer (Includes $40 eBooks) + Books for Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4 is $119.80. I personally recommend you purchase the books with the dvd’s.

There are many, many other musical products avaliable including guitar packages, other instrument dvd’s, accessories, and so much more. The website has many articles, tips, tricks, and a newsletter filled with playing tips you can subscribe to.

If you’re looking for an economical way to get quality music lessons, I would definitely suggest you check out all Worship Guitar Class . com has to offer.

Don’t forget to check out my crewmates reviews, as well as Worship Guitar Class for kids if you have younger students over at the Homeschool Crew blog.



I received this product as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew for review purposes. Opinions expressed here are my own, and no other compensation was received. 


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