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Gunn Ranch Academy/ Equine 102

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horses007.jpg A girl and her horse picture by ksudoc93

So I’ve blogged several times on our Paint filly Grace and how excited I was when we were able to cinch up the bareback pad and then cinch the saddle on her.  (In case you missed it)

You can imagine my excitment a few weeks ago when my girls came to get me to show me they were sitting on her back!

We had talked many times about the importance of groundwork, and I told them once we were able to sit on her, that we would only sit daily for awhile before we ever moved on her.

But looking at Grace with her head down and eyes half closed, I decided to go ahead and let Morgan lead her a few steps with Taylor sitting bareback on her.  (Yes, Morgan is in her pajama pants, LOL. Those crazy farm kids….)

horses003-1.jpg Grace's first ride picture by ksudoc93

  horses004-1.jpg Grace's first ride picture by ksudoc93

 The girls then proceeded to tack her up, and sat on her tacked up. I was so proud of them, and they have been sitting on her and letting her walk around with them on her back for a few weeks now.

     You’ve come a long ways girls! Great job!! 


(Look here at when we first brought her home!!)


horses001-1.jpg Morgan's first time sitting on Grace picture by ksudoc93

horses002-1.jpg Tayt's first sit on Grace all tacked up picture by ksudoc93

Now that’s what I call homeschoolin’ right there!!

horses025.jpg Gracers picture by ksudoc93


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