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"AVKO is a non-profit membership organization that focuses on the development and production of materials and especially techniques to teach reading and spelling, handwriting and keyboarding. AVKO is dedicated to teaching everyone how to read and spell, regardless of their mild to moderate learning disablities, dyslexia, poverty or opportunity. "

For review, I received a complimentary one year membership to the AVKO website. Upon visiting the website, I soon learned that the founder Don McCabe specializes in teaching dyslexics reading, spelling, writing, and keyboarding. He is the creator of Sequential Spelling which I had heard of before as a popular spelling program.

     I noticed many free and helpful materials on the website itself. But after logging in as a member, I began to look around at the many free e-books, articles, audio downloads, games, worksheets, and more that the $25.00 per year membership has to offer:

Benefits of AVKO Basic Membership




There is also a $100.00 Deluxe membership you can see here.


How did this work for my family?

   Well, I’ve never had experience with learning disabilities or dyslexia. My first taught herself to read at 4 and the second was ready to read at 3.5 and never looked back. They’ve always been natural spellers, so I’ve never done much research or looking for reading or spelling helps.

As my 3.5 year old is just on the brink of sounding out words and just about ready for reading, I decided to print off a few of the ebooks on teaching reading and have looked through them a bit. I do believe the AVKO method has many helpful and valid suggestions, and if my little guy ends up providing more of a challenge than the older two, I will be sure to refer back for a closer look. So far, though, it’s looking like a third natural reader and speller.

Who is this for?

For anyone looking for more information on teaching reading, spelling, writing and keyboarding, and most certainly for those with learning challenged students, especially dyslexics. I’ve heard this is just a life saver in those cases.

Any downside to this? The only con for me was that the website seemed a bit difficult to navigate, and took a bit of time to figure out what was there and how to access it.

Be sure to check out the other reviews of AVKO on the Homeschool Crew website.



This company provided a free one year subscription to their website to me for purposes of review as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was received, and opinions expressed here are my own.


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