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American Heritage Education Foundation, Inc.

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American Heritage Education Foundation website

*Product: America’s Heritage: An Adventure in Liberty resource CD

*Cost: FREE ($150.00 value) CD or download from website, or $19.50 per level in printed binder format.

*Grade Level: K-12

 The PDF file contains Elementary, Elementary in spanish, Middle School and High School volumes.

    As a part of the TOS Crew, I was sent America’s Heritage: An Adventure in Liberty K-12 lesson plan resource CD for review. I was already familiar with the American Heritage Education Foundation website.  I admire and appreciate their fierce dedication to equip tomorrow’s leaders with not only the information to be productive citizens in society, but the knowledge and understanding of our forefather’s Christian character that brought our great country into existence.

     As a military homeschooling family, we certainly agree with the themes of freedom, unity, progress, and responsibility that AHEF promotes. You can read their philosophy and how it came about here.

     I certainly appreciate that this material is being provided to educators for FREE, and surely hope it is taught with the vigor and fortitude with which it is intended. While it is not truly a Christian-based curriculum, the Christian character on which our country was founded has certainly been addressed. Intended for public school use, it can easily be adapted for homeschool use, and would be an excellent resource for coops.

    This resource has some very complete and well structured theme units for supplement of a regular history program. The lessons would be great for use as individual unit studies as well.

   Our family is not currently studying American History, as we have covered the founding of America, colonists, and early US history up through the Revolutionary War in quite a bit of detail in the past. We have also taken time to cover American symbols, our American flag, and the importance of patriotism with our children in great depth as a military family, and in scouts. We spent so much time with this I felt it was necessary to take a break to cover world history for awhile. I had planned to include AHEF supplemental resources as we started back into US history again, and after viewing the CD, I’m anxious to get back into it!  

     I printed off the unit on Thanksgiving for the girls to do as independent study this week. The materials include a handout "History of Thanksgiving Day", and a comprehension/discussion sheet with vocabulary words and questions to answer,as well as a crossword puzzle. They will work together to plan a Thanksgiving celebration, identifying foods they would like to eat, and combining it with our Nutrition study. The object for this unit is for the student to recognize and understand the origin and the meaning of Thanksgiving day. The theme for this unit is unity, and it’s importance is in understanding that Thanksgiving began as a celebration among all of the people in the new nation as a blessing of a full harvest, and as a time when people united to share their bounty with others in the community.


  The material is broken up into 14 well structured teachable units, each reflecting on one or more of the four base themes of freedom, unity, progress, and responsibility. There are suggestions for months to complete each unit to help schedule them into your curriculum.  Included are games, fun activities, many printables such as crossword puzzles, reading comprehension questions, color sheets, charts to fill out, and more. Each level can be used together with the same basic information expanded for upper levels.

The units include:

1776 – Colonial America: Amer. Revolution 

1776 – The Declaration of Independence

1776 – A Famous Signature

1762 – George Washington

1762 – U. S. Presidents

1782 – The Great Seal

1789 – Thanksgiving

1792 – The United States Flag

1814 – The Star-Spangled Banner

1864 – The National Motto

1886 – The Statue of Liberty

1892 – The Pledge of Allegiance & Creed

1895 – America the Beautiful

2000 – What is an American?


I’m thankful that there are individuals in our country still dedicated to promoting the education of our grand heritage and freedom. 

If every American home taught and believed these ideals and values of our forefathers, our country would again be "One Nation Under God," and continue to be the greatest nation in the world. Without them, our future and the future of our children will continue to crumble.  Read how America’s Survival is in Mortal Danger!, then order the CD or download these lessons from the AHEF website , and get busy!! You got a big job to do, your children and your country are depending on you!

As always, check out what my crewmates have to say by visiting the Crew blog!


As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was sent this free resource with no additional compensation for review. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own.


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