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Virginia Soaps and Scents

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First things first. You’ll be needing this link! 


*Okay let me just make this disclaimer right from the start:

I LOVE Virginia Soaps and Scents

     I’m a homeade/natural soap fan (addict) from way back. I had  purchased rich natural handmade soaps for several years from a soap artist back home, but have been unable to get them anymore for almost a year now. I’ve tried some from the health food stores and such, but they’ve not really been the same, and much too expensive to use on a regular basis.

     I used to tell that soap artist that when I got out a brand new bar of lavender soap, I felt like a kid unwrapping the silver wrapper on a fresh new Hershey bar! I missed that feeling when I could no longer get her soap. When I learned of Virgina Soaps and Scents I was pretty sure that the Crew had been given this opportunity soley as an answer to my fervent prayers for a new soap artist.  **grin**

     I’ve not stalked the mailman or run to the mailbox (partly because my mailbox is now about a half mile down the drive,LOL) this crewyear as I did last year…well, until now. The day I received that package I think I could hear music from the heavens!

     We opened our package to find the most adorable personalized "Soap Sampler Designed especially for the Old Schoolhouse Crew", along with a sweet note and pamphlet telling the Spargur family story. The product labels are the cutest handcrafted gingham checked design, and the soaps are beautiful! The products are made from all natural oils, fragrances and colors by the Spargur family in their own home.

     You see the story behind the creation of this magnificent company is every bit as captivating and inspiring as the soap masterpieces themselves. This homeschooling family began this whole adventure as a unit study on Colonial Williamsburg! You can check out the stories and artists behind VSS on their website. Everything they use is created with their own hands, from the molds and tools, to the beautiful labels they print! Amazing!!

     **We received 3 "bed and breakfast" sized 1.75 oz. pure handcrafted soap bars in coconut lemongrass, oatmill milk and honey, and fresh orange, a 2.25 oz Ginger Lime shampoo bar, and a soap laundry kit.

     I had never heard of a shampoo bar before, so was really anxious to try it out. It was interesting and a different experience for each person in our family with all different hair types. I really love it for my 3 year old who always seems to have that "sweaty" smell. No longer ! That hair stays clean and fresh for longer now! My 9 year old has very thin "always messy" hair, and the shampoo bar works great for her too. For my oldest, the regular bar didn’t work at all because her hair is so very thick, long and heavy/oily. But after I ordered the Oily hair/clarifying shampoo bar (more on that later), she is loving using it with her claryfying shampoo off and on. I love it in my own hair. I do rotate it with my regular shampoo sometimes, though, because my hair is also very thick and long and it sometimes looks oily. I don’t have to use conditioner at all, though with the shampoo bar. The oily hair/clarifying bar works very well on my hair, and smells just awesome!

     On to the laundry soap. I’m just absolutely THRILLED to have been blessed with this resource for my homeade laundry soap. I heated the grated soap bar with the amount of water it required, added the premeasured packages of borax and washing soda, added the rest of the water and let it gel. Just as I had heard, this homeade soap cleans the clothes so much better than any detergent I’ve ever used! My laundry is soooo squeaky clean, smells amazing and even costs less (much less, actually)!


After receiving the review soap sampler and enjoying them so much, my girls and I spent much time looking over the website.  

     I just couldn’t wait to order more from these fabulous folks. I had decided VSS will certainly make my Christmas shopping easy this year, and this could be the first year ever to be finished with my Christmas shopping in October! But, we were so excited to try out so many of the other products that we decided to put in a family order first. I ordered several more laundry bars so I might continue making my own laundry soap. The laundry soap comes in premade packages with the bar, borax and washing soda all pre-measured ($4.95 or 6 kits for $25.00- one kit makes 2 gallons!) , or they sell a 9 oz (or two 4.5 oz bars depending on Richelle’s mood!)  laundry "lardbar" ($3.95) to go with borax and washing soda you can purchase locally yourself. It took me quite a lot of looking ,but I finally found washing soda, so I’m all fixed up now! I just can’t say enough about how clean and fresh my laundry is now!!

     There are several options for purchase of the soaps. Single bars are $4.50, 3 bars for $12.00, or buy 4 get one free. We took advantage of the 10 bars for $35.00 offer since there were so many we wanted to try. (We really wanted to order 20, but finally decided on only 10 this time around!)  Believe me, you’ll have a terrible time deciding which of their magnificent masterpieces you want to try first!! We did include all three of the holiday scents (wild bayberry, pumpkin spice and peppermint) in our order and they are unbelievable!

     We also ordered more shampoo bars. These 5.5 ounce bars are $5.50 each, or we took advantage of the 2 bars for $10.00 offer since we knew we wanted 2 of the oily hair/clarifying tangerine/grapefruit bars. We also went ahead and ordered the other two regular shampoo bars- coconut lemongrass and cherry almond (Tayt’s favorite!).

     In our soap order we included the three All-in-one bars. They are for shampoo, shower and shave, and are our very favorite scents! The "Waltzing Matilda" is Morgan’s and my favorite, because it has the scent of Victoria’s Secret Lovespell which I’ve loved for years. The Kiddiwink bar is my next favorite because it is an unscented base full of a "confetti" of the leftovers from other bars, and it’s adorable and a "new adventure" each time you use it. Of course I had a difficult time narrowing down the rest of my order, and while I wanted to order "violets and lace" which is noted as Richelle’s favorite, I didn’t end up with it on my order. Not to worry, she included an itty bitty sample with a cute little label! (How’d she know??LOL) I can see a future order containing several violets and lace!! It’s out of this world!


     They have many other products such as lip balm, linen spray, body powders, shaving kits, and even pet soap (which we originally had in our shopping cart, but decided to put on hold until next order!) They even have fundraising opportunities.

     This has been without a doubt my favorite experience with the TOS Crew. This family has been such an inspiration and joy to me. What an incredible testimony they are both to our homeschooling community and to our world in need of such an example: students, craftsmens, artists, and a loving, caring, supportive family. I thank you for generously allowing me this opportunity to experience your world! May God Bless you!

Now go wash behind those ears…


Virginia Soaps and Scents has graciously provided me a sampling of their products free of charge as a member of the TOS Crew for review purposes. No further compensation was received. Opinions expressed here are my own.


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