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Bible Timeline from Bible Charts and Maps

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Bible Timeline

As a member of the TOS Crew, I was sent a Bible timeline to review. I looked forward to receiving this product after reading about it on the website since we studied about Egypt last year, and this year we are doing studies on Old Testament history and Greece. 

The first shipment I received arrived in a triangular cardboard tube, but it had been folded in half and crushed. The map had a large crease down the center which made the eensy-weensy words very difficult to read. I contacted the company,  because I thought they would want to know this about their product for review purposes, and they sent me another right away, showing their good customer service.

Upon receiving the second map, I unrolled it to find a huge 38" X 46" sturdy poster labeled "World History Chart in accordance with Bible Chronology- showing in colors the descendents of Shem, Ham and Japheth." As I began looking over it, I thought how very cool it was to be seeing these events and people who lived simultaneously. I was pleased that the timeline started at 4004 B.C. and as I followed it around, saw 2000 A.D. on up to 3000 A.D. 

As my girls and I studied our Old Testament history and Greece, we had fun looking at the timeline, and getting accustomed to following the lines around. It was really neat to see it all in perspective, there together on the timeline, comparing different family lines and cultures at the same time.

I’m no history buff. Names and dates are NOT my specialty. But I do enjoy putting events and people together, especially now that I have had the opportunity to learn HIStory with my children. For every subject I study or teach that is not my own specialty (history is one of those), I am bound by trust to my resources. I have taught my girls the importance of researching and finding trustworthy references.

When I received an email from the company "clearing up" some confusion of concerns by fellow crewmates, my red flags went up.

As my commitment and obligation to post an honest and fair review, I will state my opinions as follows:

*I am no expert in Bible theology, or world history.

*I am a Christian, and I believe the Bible is God’s word and 100% true, and Jesus Christ is His son sent from heaven to die for our salvation. 

*It is my obligation to guide my children in the knowledge and footsteps of Jesus Christ, presenting them with accurate and factual study material.

*This timeline claims to be a "Christian" resource, based on the Bible. While I see many accurate references to scripture, I also find questionable references to non-Biblical material that isn’t listed on the Bibliography . The authors admitted mistakes, mishaps, and events occuring relating to the creation of this resource. They made it clear that this was a non-denominational resource, yet the Book of  Mormon was referenced. They do have a LDS version available. 

*While I feel parts of the timeline are useful, I don’t feel my knowledge base is broad enough to  discern for myself if there might be other inaccuracies, therefore, we won’t be using the timeline anymore.

Other families, however, might find it useful and acceptable.

The Amazing Bible Timeline sells for $29.97 plus shipping and handling. They offer free bonuses with purchase, and they offer a money back guarantee. Check it out here if you wish.


I received the Amazing Bible Timeline free of charge as a member of the TOS Crew for review purposes. Opinions expressed here are my own. Please visit the Crew website to read what my crewmates think!


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