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College Prep Genius

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College Prep Genius Website

In my initial overview review of College Prep Genius, I mentioned our excitement to find a program to help us learn test taking skills.

I must admit once I began really looking through this, trying to find a place to begin, I was overwhelmed by the plethora of acronyms and such. After looking through both workbook and textbooks, I watched the first Dvd. I then asked my daughter and mom who was visiting to look through the information in the workbook and textbook. Both were overwhelmed as I was. 

Once my daughter and I sat down together to go through the dvd with workbook in hand (the dvd goes through many of the workbook pages and questions), we began to realize this would be best done after familiarizing ourselves with the actual PSAT/SAT through practice tests.

I believe this would be very helpful to any student who is serious about excelling at the SAT, or even just test taking in general.

I also was correct in my intial assessment of the program that it would best benefit the user by starting early ( 8th grade/middle school years) as opposed to obtaining and trying to work through it a month or two before one expects to test.

We will continue to use and work through this program at a slow and steady pace, taking practice tests along the way and see where it takes us. I would love my students to have the chance to excel and better themselves as we practice testing and using the information from College Prep Genius.

Right now College Prep Genius is $79.00 (30% off) for the set which includes the "Master the SAT Class" dvd set,  workbook, and textbook.

Read other’s reviews here.



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