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EDUDPS: Roots and Fruits

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This is a company devised by an educator and homeschool mom of 4 for the purpose of providing homeschool curriculum and guidance without the frustration or expense. There are a wide range of products available, which you can see on the website. Some of these include writing, vocabulary, career planning, and diagnostic and achievement testing.

We reviewed Roots and Fruits which is a comprehensive Greek and Latin based vocabulary program covering grades K through 12.

The neat thing about this program as compared to others I’ve seen is that it uses English forms of the roots and prefixes with their meanings, as opposed to the classic Greek and Latin forms of the words, which tends to make this much easier to grasp and retain in my opinion.

The program uses 673 roots and prefixes, with 1,716 vocabulary words in all. The program describes a hands-on approach to learning giving many examples and ideas of fun and effective ways to use and study the words.

We enjoyed playing games and making vocabulary cards, as well as utilizing our dictionary and even thesaurus for extra practice.

This program is straight forward with no boring worksheets to  complete or protocol to memorize. It leaves the method of learning in your hands to develop and personalize to your individual student.

The pros of this program are:

*Easy to adapt to all ages

*Straight forward and easy to follow list of English based roots and prefixes with a lot of vocabulary to practice

*Contains 205 of the most commonly tested words on the SAT! 

*Many activity ideas to increase learning

*Very reasonably priced and offered in instant download or 2 printed options

*Can personalize the program for any learning style


*Will require preparation and planning on teacher’s part

*Might require extra supplies for some activities

*Special dictionaries recommended for most effective results

Bottom line: I would definitely recommend this program to those wishing to increase writing, reading and spelling skills as well as good all around language skills in preparation for college entrance exams and/or careers. This is an easy, straight forward program which is easy to add to any schedule in just 15 minutes a day or so.

Right now the ebook version is on sale for just $11.25! (normally $14.98) You can also purchase Roots and Fruits for $17.48 pages only with no binding, or $19.98 for comb binding. Click here to purchase!

In closing I would like to mention that there is a wealth of information on the EDUDPS website along with free downloads. Spend some time looking around, you’ll be glad you did!



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