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A Journey Through Learning

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A Journey Through Learning- Lapbooks, Unit Studies, Copywork and Notebooking Pages

A Journey Through Learning website

For review we received 5 lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning.

We enjoyed looking through Reptiles, Amphibians, Autumn, The Desert and Parables of a King.

Morgan chose to complete the Desert Lapbook. Upon opening our downloaded document, we found "things to know" which explains the mechanics of the lapbook (folding, cutting lines, etc.). Next we found explanations on where the lapbooks go and ideas on how to use the study guide and mini-booklets together, study choices, assembly guide, supplies needed, tips and tricks, then detailed picture instructions for assembly including a completed lapbook.   The next section was the actual pages, beginning with the Table of Contents.

The Desert Lapbook with Study Guide

We printed 42 pages for completion of the project.There are 17 study guide pages for review, each having mini booklets to complete.


Taylor chose to complete Parables of a King.

The Parables of a King Lapbook with Study Guide

I printed 77 pages for this one, not including instructions. We enjoyed reading through the study guide pages, talking about the parables, and completing the mini-booklets. Best of all, though, the girls have a colorful keepsake project to look back on and share with others!


These Lapbooks with Study Guides can be purchased as instant downloads for $13.00, CD’s for $14.00, or printed versions for $21.00.


On the  A Journey Through Learning website, you will find a multitude of other homeschool helps in addition to the huge variety of lapbooks for all ages and subject matter. They have templates and organizers, unit studies, copywork, notebooking pages, and even classes.

If you sign up to receive their newsletter, you can receive "An Overview of the 17th Century" instant download lapbook for free!

I believe this is a website you will want to BOOKMARK and return to time and time again to add creativity and fun as you lead your kids on A Journey Through Learning.


You can read other reviews by visiting the TOS CREW BLOG!


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