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Levi’s A Week

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We started our Preschool Time last week, beginning with Letter A. Levi was thrilled to have his own "schooltime" with Momma. We started by talking about the sounds letter A makes, then basic coloring sheets. Levi then enjoyed gluing a capital A and lower case a made of sandpaper on a sheet and tracing them with his finger.

Next, I had printed off A’s onto cardstock and punched holes in it for a lacing activity, which he loved. We then assembled an alligator, placing brads for head, arms and legs.

Later in the week we focused on apples, completing a basic reading comprehension worksheet, a couple of coloring activities, and eating red delicious apples.

We sang the Leapfrog train’s theme song using the letter A all week: "A says A, A says A, every letter makes a sound, A says A , A says A, as the train is going round." While sisters’ became a bit tired of the tune by the end of the week, Levi loved singing it all week long.

Sisters were thrilled to help think up words, songs and stories with the letter A as well as help Levi complete an art project on Friday by drawing in several pictures of things beginning with A on his tracing of an apple.

Levi much enjoyed his A week!

Thanks to Itsy Bitsy Books for so many great preschool sheets and projects, as well as ABC Teach whom I have access to for one month as a TOS Crew review. I had membership a few years back but since the girls are older have not renewed. I will certainly enjoy doing this review and renewing my membership with Preschool at the helm! Stay tuned for my ABC teach review!

Levi is looking forward to B Week!


One thought on “Levi’s A Week

  1. How old is Levi? I'm wondering if I should begin doing things like this with Ian. He's great with numbers, shapes, and colors, but we haven't introduced letters yet.

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