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Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

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For review our Crew received a phenominal curriculum by Growing Healthy Homes entitled Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

Point blank, this is a valuable resource that every family should own. In today’s fast-paced, fast-food world where convenience is the rule, I firmly believe the physical and mental well being of adults and children alike has suffered in direct proportion to our lack of attention to proper nutrition. 

My mother passed down a great respect for proper diet and nutrition to me, and I have striven to do the same for my own children. My children were reading labels from an early age, and while they might not always know the details of why we don’t buy products that contain high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated fats, they have learned that proper nutrition is essential to well being.

Upon downloading this HUGE 448 page book, I was immediately excited to see it divided into 6 units by body systems (Anatomy was my alltime favorite!).

*The Brain and Nervous System

*Digestion and Elimination

*Respiration and Olfactory

*Muscular and Skeletal Systems

*Cardiovascular and Immune Systems

*Endocrine System and Emotions

As I began my overview of this resource, I realized this would not only serve as a complete study for health and nutrition, but a superior springboard for anatomy and physiology as well. I was just overwhelmed by the completeness of details included here. The manner in which this information is linked together to present an all inclusive program is incredible, not to mention it’s Biblically based to top it all off!

As we worked our way through all four chapters of the first unit, we enjoyed reading together, discussion questions, activities, many additional resources, trying recipes, and going through the HUGE appendix of seemingly endless charts, tables, and articles to enhance the unit material. My girls were both delighted to find out the details behind why that high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated fat is not allowed in our home!

While a schedule is included on how one may implement a chapter in a week, we’ll be lucky to finish a chapter in a month, LOL. This study has taken a front seat in our schooldays, and I’ve taken the opportunity to elaborate on much of it and just keep running.

I was overjoyed to find my 9 year old in her room writing down the details of what we had talked about that day! We decided to go back and print off things of interest such as colored boxes with fun facts and "good brain foods" and "bad brain foods" and make some notebook/scrapbook-type pages for their notebooks. We will also include recipes and pictures of activities, and some of the charts and cool stuff from the appendix.I know they will enjoy having these to refer back to for years to come.

Our 4-H Food Show is coming up the first of October, and both girls have excitedly modified recipes from the study for their entries. They must know the nutritional details of their recipes as well as food pyramids, etc. I’m just again blown away by God’s timing in all this, as they are both working hard to prepare their brains for this adventure- using Nutrition 101 as their reference guide.

To view sample pages of this awesome resource look   here. I believe you will be as impressed as I am with the clean and artistic layout as well as beautiful pictures and illustrations.

To order the CD-ROM ($79.95), hardcopy book ($99.95) or combo book and CD-ROM ($129.95) visit the Growing Healthy Homes website.

If the price of this looks a bit out of your budget at first, I would encourage families to consider the versatility of this program for all ages from young elementary through High School credits, the broad spectrum of subjects covered, and the detail of the material given that can be built upon year after year. It would fit perfectly into a coop or group situation, and I believe it will be a valuable tool in homes for years to come. I sincerely hope it becomes a part of CORE CURRICULUM for students everywhere.

See other Crewmates reviews here!

Go enjoy your kids and help them "CHOOSE LIFE!"


I blogged about the 4-H Food Show here!!

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