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Rain, and stuff

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    We’ve had a record breaking drought in South Texas this year. Hot and dry, dry and hot. While I grieve for the farmer’s loss, and I know how much the critters would love a bite of fresh green pasture, at least we didn’t have to wade through mud to get our house finished, and we were able to move some household goods in without too much problem. But since most of our furniture (what we decided to keep and put in storage for 2 years) and goods are stinky and moldy, we’ve had a bit of a time getting our house set up. That’s ok. We got beds and closets and a little desk for our computer, and the rest of our stuff is pretty much waiting in boxes in our living room for a place to put it, or out on the back porch airing out waiting for a decision on whether it can be salvaged, passed along, or burned. Well, a portion of stuff was covered with tarps for the first big rain phase. I’m sure the soaking through the bottom of boxes might have affected some of the stuff, but it’s just stuff.

Last weekend we tried to load up a trailer full to get the rest of our stuff out of relative’s house, and well, we were trying to accomplish it between rainstorms. Most of the stuff was soiled with the relative’s cats hair and  pee, so we had to sort through and some got left outside on the patio to sort to be laundered. Well, it has rained and poured and rained some more all week! Thank you Lord, we need the rain. Our Praise Band and church along with a few other churches met last weekend to hold a community prayer service for rain. We had a GREAT time coming together with the community and sang our hearts out, praising Him and enjoying each other’s fellowship. I did this knowing we had a lot of stuff that was still waiting to be moved.

 I won’t complain, we need the rain more than I need stuff .

And rain it did! Thank you Lord for the RAIN!! And more rain, and the mud, and the puddles, and the ruts, and my 4-wheel drive! YEEHAW! We even have some water back in our pond!

We were blessed with a visit from my parents this week, and I had a 4 day veterinary conference while my parents stayed home with my kids. No furniture, lots of boxes of stuff, and a muddy mess, mud puddles and raining down outside all week! But they were so good to sort through and help me launder and salvage much stuff. My father obsessively washed shoes, rinsed and swept mud from front and back porches, and inside floors as well. Our home isn’t real comfortable with no tv, couch, or really chairs except 4 barstools for mealtime at the bar, and the rest filled with boxes filled with stuff. But they enjoyed the time here, and helped out so much.

You know, stuff is really just what the earth is made of. It’s just stuff. I’ve never been real materialistic, and while part of me yearns for a couch and some real furniture, I guess I’m just so thankful to have a place my folks can visit, and all of our animals outside sheltered and well cared for. Maybe someday we’ll have furniture and a cozy house, but I think our hearts might just make it cozy in here without all that "stuff". LOL. I never want to hook the tv up though. Don’t miss the distracting noise!

Pray that we might have some furniture soon that we can have a place to put some of this stuff which is currently in boxes. I didn’t end up with much storage, no pantry, etc, so I need some shelves and maybe an armoir or two. Need a couch too.

The girls have been THRILLED with reuniting with their toys and goodies that have been in storage. It’s been a delight to watch them appreciate what they have been blessed with. But iin the end, it’s all just stuff.


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