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College Prep Genius Overview

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   As I’m coming to the not-so-willing realization that my kids are growing up, I have been thinking about where we should be going with courses, credits, and college prep.

   I was excited to find on the Crew vendor list this year some test prep material. However, I have to admit that I actually didn’t really have the facts straight on the SAT test. I did take it as a High School student, but don’t remember much about it because I knew I only really needed the ACT for my college plans.

In my intial overview of College Prep Genius, I was surprised and enlightened:

*I have since learned that the SAT is a test of logic and critical thinking, and not general knowledge.

*I have learned that one should start preparing for this test waaayyy before their senior year.

 *I have learned that the PSAT/NMSQT (which I really didn’t even know existed before now) is more than just a practice SAT, but can mean INCREDIBLE SCHOLARSHIP OFFERS if they qualify in their JR. year.

   Got your attention? Yea, it got mine too.

(Especially since I’m still paying for my 9 years of college after being out for 16 years!!)

   This course teaches the logic and strategies behind these tests, and is literally everything you need to know to succeed in obtaining the highest score possible on this test.

   Here is an overview of "Master the SAT class" which is taught by Jean Burk, published author and professional speaker. With over 10 years of experience helping students prepare for standardized tests, she has successfully helped thousands of students improve their SAT and PSAT scores:



  1. "Master the SAT Class" is based on the textbook College Prep Genius, which highlights a logical approach to the examination process. The course emphasizes unique techniques to help students find the recurring patterns of standardized exams. Through lecture and discussion, students learn simple strategies to achieving success and using logic to their advantage.
  2. The class is designed as a workshop. Each student is given a workbook that includes numerous sample SAT and PSAT questions. As students learn how to answer specific question types, they are immediately given the chance to practice. The logical approach to determining the correct answer for each question is thoroughly reviewed.
  3. Although "Master the SAT Class" is only a 10 
  4. hour course, it is designed to give students all the necessary skills they need to succeed in raising their individual test scores, including a checklist for how to continue the preparation process after class has been completed.



   I’m really anxious to dive further into these materials with my daughter, who was reluctant at first, hearing of a "test prep course" until she viewed the website with me. This helped clarify what we would be doing, prepping for, and some of the goals she might be able to obtain through this material. I would suggest spending some time at the website to get a thorough overview of just what this material can do for you. I promise you will be as excited as I am about it!

   For review, we received the College Prep Genius textbook, class workbook, and "Master the SAT class" dvd. This is on sale right now for $79 (30% off!) for a limited time here!

   I’ll be looking forward to updating our experience with this course as we progress through it! Don’t forget we have lots of other great reviews on this product as well at the TOS Homeschool Crew blog.

   Enjoy your kids, they grow up so fast!!



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