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Aleks Revisited

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 Last Fall as part of the TOS Crew I reviewed Aleks math. You can check out my review here.

This year, I was asked to revisit the site and check out the changes, specifically to the Master account. My girls were reluctant to try Aleks again, but after telling them we were to check out the changes, they agreed. There actually wasn’t much that changed on the student side of things, but my girls were sure that they had updated the way they explained the problems. Not sure whether a year of math helped out with that or what, but they both really enjoyed Aleks this time around except for the few glitches that Morgan seemed to remember from before. On some pages the answer box never fully loaded, or even loaded at all so the problem wasn’t able to be answered, and that was really frustrating again when trying to complete the assessment and she couldn’t move on.

Aside from the few technical problems like that, they both really enjoyed Aleks, and said they wish we could add Aleks to our math for the year. Unfortunately, that’s not an option financially for us, but might be for other families.

   As for the Master account, I struggled to remember the look of the old interface, but I really like this new one. I think the new one is very user friendly and easy to navigate.

    The "quiz" feature is new, and  seems nice for those who are using Aleks as a sole math curriculum. We didn’t really have enough time in review of the program to actually use the quiz feature for my own students, but I think those interested in an online math program would really like it.

I do like the master account for purposes of record keeping, and the pie chart breaks things down by topic to easily see which specific topics they are mastering and still need help on. I liked this feature before as well.

Prices are : $19.95/month for one student, $99.95/ 6 months for one student, $179.95/12 months for one student.

They do offer a family discount.

You can get a free trial if you’d like to check out how it works for your family. Given my daughter’s enthusiasm this time around, I really wish it were an affordable option for our family.



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