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Web Design For Kids (…and Curious Grown-Ups!)

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   I remember the first time I opened the template on my brand new blog wondering how difficult it really was to change and add things. I was horrified, to say the least. It looked like a complicated foreign language, and I quickly clicked off of the page as if I’d made a big mistake. Computer training was not a part of my formal education, as they were just coming into college near the end of my schooling. I have tried to pick up pieces of parts of this rapidly progressive technology, and have also prayed for access to materials to help me help my children understand something I just barely grasp.

   My 12 year old has been really interested in computers and figured much out on her own. When I asked her if she was familiar with HTML, she knew what I was talking about (probably more than I did),  but said she would really be interested in learning more. We were both very grateful for the opportunity to review Web Designs for Kids (…and Curious Grown-Ups!).

   When the Dvd arrived, I was intially impressed that no additional software would be needed. The program uses Internet Explorer, notepad, and paint which pretty much every computer comes with. The program is "taught" by it’s creator, Brian Richardson, to two preteen kids who follow the instructions to create webpages of their own while interacting and asking questions.

   Some of the subjects covered on the Dvd are:

   *The ten basic lines of code

   *Coloring the background and letters

   *Making letters move across the screen

   *Designer backgrounds

   *Changing fonts

   *Adding pictures

   There is also a bonus chapter on file and folder management.

Created for ages 8-10 to adult (depending on the experience of individual children), this program is for the whole family!

   Right away my daughter and I could see how easy and straight forward this program was. It completely explains things from the very beginning so I don’t have to try and think of the right questions to ask. I began to understand HTML quickly, and actually felt excited that I might be able to make sense of this foreign language after all! I’m even feeling a bit motivated to dive into my blog and make a few changes as I have dreamed of doing in the past.

   My 12 year old flew right through the whole program about three times, LOL. She played with several webpage designs, and I would say she has come away with a more than adequate foundation on which she can build her computer skills. My 9 year old is really excited to use this program as well, after her sister began to explain it to her.

   We are definitely ready for Mr. Richardson’s next dvd which he hopes to have out the end of 2009.

   This program is definitely for beginners, and would bore those who already have a good understanding of HTML, but is most certainly the ticket for anyone and everyone, kids to adults who want to learn more about HTML and making webpages.

    I also would like to mention that a portion of all funds generated by this product go to five charities, as Mr. Richardson has a deep founded belief in blessings others. His hopes are that Click and Drag Solutions will grow to a point he can donate 100x what he has been able to already!

   I would encourage you to visit his website which, by the way, he designed entirely by typing in code to show how it could be done! You can read about his motivation behind his creation, as well as viewing a free one minute clip of the dvd, and checking out some actual kid-created websites.

   For a limited time, you can purchase Web Designs for Kids (…and Curious Grown-Ups) for $19.99 plus $3.95 s/h with a money back guarantee. Once this summer sale is over, the dvd will resume the regular price of $40.00.

As always, you may read many other Crew Reviews at our TOS Crew Blog!

   Go type some codes with your kids!!



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