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Grapevine Studies- Old Testament Overview 3-4

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   I’m all but sure that many of you have the same experience as I with doodles on schoolwork. My daughters doodle on just about every piece of paper that comes before them. Yes, church programs too. When I began reading about  Grapevine Studies , I thought it was just "brilliant" to put together ever-doodling hands and imaginations with learning the Bible. After all, my 12 year old immediately informed me as we were discussing this very thing, that "it’s a proven scientific fact that doodling helps keep the mind focused on the task being completed, and it helps stimulate the creativity and aid in the thought process, especially math."

    Why not put those doodles to good use?

   Grapevine Studies is based on "stick figuring through the Bible". As the topics are taught and discussed, the lesson is actually "drawn out" with stick figures. The teacher draws the "model", then the students fill in their timelines and lesson sheets with their own interpretations. No more doodles all over the edges of the pages. Here they are right in the middle of the pages!

   Grapevine Studies has many different studies available. After realizing that my family could very easily do every one of these, I decided to just begin at the very beginning, "figuring" we’ll probably move on through them all eventually. You can see descriptions of all of the studies on the Website for information on which might fit your family.

   We received the Old Testament Overview Teacher’s manual for levels 3 and 4 (combined) hardcopy, and levels 3 and 4 student manuals as ebooks. Now lest I lead you astray, there is much more to this fabulous program than just drawing stick figures. There are also memory verses, scripture readings, timelines, geography topics for level 3, and reference materials/Bible study tools used for level 4 (concordance, dictionary and topical Bible), making this a very solid and complete Bible study. It’s written in such a way that any Christian denomination can certainly incorporate their own beliefs.

    While I originally requested level 3 for Tayt and level 4 for Morgan, they are both really working through 3 and 4 together as they are enjoying all there is to do in these lessons. So far the lessons have taken less than half an hour (remember, I’m dealing with expert doodlers here, LOL) and allow plenty of time to explore and expand on anything that sparks their creative nature.

Since OT Overview starts with creation, I knew they might be a bit hesitant after the novelty of the drawing wore off since this is such familiar territory. They did mention being a bit bored by the first few lessons, but the very first lesson was progessing through the entire OT timeline from Creation through Nehemiah, ending with the 400 Silent years just to get an overview of where we were going, so they knew we would be progressing on further into lessons we haven’t studied so much about yet.

This leads me to a personal praise here. We’ve studied creation and the Exodus, but I’ve been praying and actually looking around for over a year for a really great Old Testament study to teach along side world history. I can honestly say this is exactly what we needed! 

The Old Testament Teacher’s Manual levels 3/4 is $48.95 hardcopy or $24.95 ebook. The OT Student books levels 3 and 4 are $28.95 each in ebook format. I really like the ebook format for the student books because you can print the pages you want as you need them, and even print more at the request of an overzealous doodler. (LOL)

***** Through Sept 15th you can enter the coupon code CREWS to receive 30% off your entire order!!


   One final note about  Grapevine Studies.  The creator of this amazing program, Dianna Wiebe, really deserves a huge THANK YOU for sharing her heart and creativity with us in bringing us this fresh and unique approach to learning the most important subject of our children’s academic careers. We are so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community of people like Dianna who have answered their calling to step it up a notch in this crazy-busy world and give our kids something they can build thier lives on. Thanks Dianna!

   For more reviews of this and the other programs Grapevine Studies offers, check out the TOS Crew website!

   Now go DOODLE with your kids!




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