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Quarter Mile Math Review

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Quarter Mile Math is another of those programs I have heard about for years and have wanted to check out, and had even put on my list for this year. You see, my girls have joined the ranks of the "not so fond of math." I tried, I really tried, to encourage and make math fun and tell them "look, it’s just like a mystery to solve, a puzzle, a code to crack." I know how important math is, and I really wanted positive attitudes to carry them through. They do (kind of)enjoy their current math program after trying several, but it’s not something they rush to do.

   When we received Quarter Mile Math from Barnum Software, I was ever so anxious to see how my horse-loving, computer game-loving girls would react.


The girls love the self-competitive format.

     The student chooses between a race car or riderless horse running in a meadow. As the student answers questions correctly to the topic that they have chosen, the horse (or car) in the far left lane moves forward. In the next five lanes to the right are horses (or cars) representing the student’s best five times from other races that she is actually racing against.  They are able to see their progress for each race they run.

The girls loved that it was fast and easy to install and get started right away.

The girls love that there are so many topics to choose from, instead of just drilling addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts over and over again. 

Mom loves that the topics adjust automatically as the students’ response indicates that they are ready to advance.

Mom loves the student progress tracking, with printable scores. I like being able to open up each student’s account and see what they’ve done, how long they spent on each topic, and what they are learning and accomplishing. I especially love that it provides a healthy challenge, as well as a great sense of achievement, which is exactly what I’m looking to do to improve my girls’ attitudes about math.

Mom (and Dad) really love hearing the girls say they can’t wait to do math!!


There is an amazing section on the Quarter Mile Math website for homeschoolers. There are tips and info to get you started, printable progress charts, a section on how to have family tournaments, and even a forum to get ideas from other homeschools, among other things.

Also on the website are lots of video clips showing key features, how the program works, and others. You may also download a free demo to get a feel for how it works!

On the website is also a helpful comparison chart to compare the difference in the two versions of Quarter Mile Math.

We received the Deluxe Version, which requires an internet connection (but the child never actually visits the web). It includes the entire product line K-9, and also free upgrades. 

The Deluxe Version can be purchased:

by the month for $2.95 per family

by the year for $19.95 per family

or two years subscription is $34.95 per family.

For prices and description of levels and topics included in the Standard Version, please consult the website.


Please visit the Crew website for other crewmate’s reviews!


One more note… the generous folks over at Barnum software have extended a special offer to readers of our TOS blogs:

The referral code 7A7K7 will give you $5.00 off at checkout for either version of Quarter Mile Math until September 30th!

As always, go enjoy your kids!



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