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Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility is a delightful company founded by Jennie Chancey in efforts to market and share her creative designs of historical, wearable, beautiful feminine clothing. Jennie began designing at the age of 14, and just one peek at her website will leave you with a feeling of nostalgia and admiration of her lovely vintage patterns and designs.

Our Crew was blessed with the Girls’ Edwardian Apron ePattern and eClass for review. After learning of this company from the TOS Vendor list, I knew my girls would be thrilled to try it out. They have been interested in sewing since they were little. You see, as I was growing up, my mom sewed many of my clothes, all the way up through my college years! She graciously taught me to sew as a child, and when I joined 4-H, I entered many Style Reviews and entered my numerous sewing exhibits in fairs. In my later high school years, I began, with the help of my mom, designing my own clothing and sewing those for the project. As my girls were growing up, they delighted in visiting Grandma’s "dress-up" closet, where many of the outfits I had designed and sewed as well as several my mom had made for me growing up hung. They have hand sewn many projects including clothing and all kinds of accessories for dolls and bears and horses. Grandma has led them in a few sewing machine adventures, but our family relocating so much has left us deficient in time and space to really venture further into sewing.

When we first downloaded the zip file we received from Jennie, we viewed the eClass in preparation for our adventure. It consists of  PDF slide visuals and MP3 audio, taken from an actual class Jennie taught.

After moving and getting our printer and computer all set, (and Daddy bringing my sewing machine home from work where he sews all the guys patches on their uniforms for them ), we set up a large work area, printed off the 25 page pattern, and began assembly. I thought right away that I had lost both girls as they grumbled about taping the pages together just right. (Something about unfolding all the pieces of brown tissue paper from a crisp printed envelope seemed to be missing for me too.) But we got through it, and as I pondered this new-age invention, I thought about how nice it would be to be able to print off the pattern at will, and cut smaller sizes without sacrificing the whole pattern. Jennie mentions the option of tracing the whole thing onto interfacing,  but we decided against this step for now.

As we worked through the steps, we referred back to the PDF files, and viewed the 4 bonus videos (included as links) which helped with some of the more detailed steps. I wouldn’t label this project a "beginner" project, but I do think it is wonderful for a mother-daughter team, or even grandma-granddaugther! I love the endless possiblities that the website Jennie has put together creates: great addition to history lessons, unit studies, history of sewing, woman of history, theater, etc. There are even some other types of eClasses and eBooks available on her site that I’ve not seen elsewhere.

As we worked through the pattern, which can be made in sizes 2-14, we enjoyed working on it together in size 8 for my 9 year old. My 12 year old wanted to work through it on her own after helping out with the first, and when Grandma will be here to help in a couple of weeks. For the first apron, we purchased bias tape for a nice contrasting finish. My 12 year old wants to try her hand at making her own. As she works through the steps, I will photo the journey so I can update this review. 

The Girls’ Edwardian Apron Pattern can be purchased here with many different options.

~For $12.95 plus shipping you can have a traditional pattern complete with instructions in a printed envelope.

~For $7.95 you can purchase the ePattern for instant download, and keep the file for unlimited printing in the future.

~For $19.95, you can purchase the eClass which includes slide visuals in PDF format and audio in MP3 format, with links to 4 bonus video segments.

~For $24.95, you can purchase the eClass-ePattern bundle (which is what we reviewed).

This was such a blessing for my girls and I!

 I hope you will be encouraged to go make some memories sewing with your girls!




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