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The building of Gunn Ranch Academy one caliche rock at a time; our friends, family, passions, learning adventures and our little piece of HIStory in the making!

Sometimes, you just gotta stop and build a rocketship

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I’ve spent my day off today trying to catch up on emails, organize my review projects,attack that never ending pile of dirty laundry, and try to get our first wholesome meal of the month accomplished for dinner tonight. I had a couple of errands that really needed to be done today as I had put them off from Monday, my last day off. So as I finished up on the computer, folded my clean laundry, and walked into the kitchen to get that pot of beans on to cook, I found paper, scissors, boxes, tape, and a whole heap of other stuff strung out everywhere. I took a step backwards as I gasped, thinking that my intention of gathering everyone to go tend to some important errands was going to be severely delayed here. 

But before I gave instructions to "clean up, let’s get going," I thought back to the sleepless night I had just experienced thinking about the undo stress of this 2 year long transition from army life, living under the judgemental eye of relatives, dealing with an incompetent contractor whose crew has just presented us with a "brand new" glorified scratch and dent rent house. I’ve been on pins and needles all day anyway, bouncing emails back and forth with information on when we might close this deal with the bank, in lieu of  our electricity still being all jacked up and our brand new tub in need of repair due to damage incurred from the construction crew.

With the weight of the world pressing down on me, feeling as if Satan has not even bothered to lurk around the corner anymore, he just stands right in front of me, I saw my kids today just being kids.

I saw God answer that prayer I said in the wee hours of the morning, "Oh Lord, just please let my kids be kids and not feel all this stress and worry and pressure we seem to be living under these days. Please just let them laugh and jump and play today."

You see, when I looked over in the corner where they were giggling and Levi was vocalizing BBBBRRRRRR….I saw that regardless of all the stress of house building and late nights of driving back and forth, quick snacks we had substituted for meals, disorganization and clutter, that my kids had stopped to build a rocketship. My kids were indeed, just being kids. Thanks, Lord.

Spaceship 002

Spaceship 001

Spaceship 005

Spaceship 003

Spaceship 004


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