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TOS Crew Top Eleven

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Blue Ribbon

Our family has enjoyed this Crew Voyage so much that we wanted to post a list of favorites. When I began thinking of which were my favorites, I evaluated:

1. Which will we continue to use, and purchase the next levels and/or more materials from?

2. Which did we really learn from?

3. Which fits our style of homeschooling?

4. Appropriate material for grade/age levels, and can it be used with varying age levels?

5. The "WOW!!!!" factor!!!

6. The "FUN" factor!!!

7. The kids ask to do this!!!

8. Quality of products, website, and customer support

9. My fierce admiration for motivated and dedicated individuals who create outstanding programs to fill a void in their own homeschools, then graciously share their talents with the rest of us!!

10. I will tell everyone I know about this!!

Much as I tried, I couldn’t choose places for my top eleven, so there’s no particular order.

All About Spelling   we finished all 4 levels and are  anxiously awaiting levels 5 and 6!  My AAS review

Truthquest we will definitely be purchasing all of these as we continue our history studies! Truthquest is most definitely our history of choice. My Truthquest Review

Apologia we’ve been through almost all of the Elementary series, and will continue until we complete every Apologia science program that exists! Definitely our science of choice. My review

Five In A Row (Before FIAR) this has been a most AWESOME experience for Levi, and I will be continuing through all the FIAR’s as he’s ready. Taylor has asked if she can also do FIAR, so we will be using that next year for her as well!! Before Five in a Row review

Crictical Thinking (Building Thinking SKills and Mathematical Reasoning) we have always enjoyed and used critical thinking materials, but have enjoyed going through them again, and really love the new format of student books with key included. I am THRILLED to have found the Mathematical Reasoning series, and after reviewing the second grade level, ordered Critical Thinking’s Preschool Core Bundle for Levi, which includes Mathematical Reasoning for 3 year olds, 4 year olds, then combination preschool one. He is also enjoying beginning Thinking Skills, Can You Find Me, and a few others that we received in the bundle. Critical Thinking materials just plain ROCK!! Mathematical Reasoning  and Building Thinking Skills

Artistic Pursuits this is the easiest yet most complete art program I have seen for independent study!! We will definitely work through all of these books!  Artistic Pursuits review

Bridge to Latin though seemingly "Plain Jane", this program is really easy to use after you get the hang of it with short easy lessons, and simple explainations. We already purchased the Latin Road to English Grammar to use when we are ready to move on!! Our English Grammar (with Latin bonus!) of choice!!  Bridge to Latin review

Kinderbach this is the best music program for littles that I have seen. Though quite expensive$$$, it’s one I’ll have to splurge on due to Levi continually asking to do more. He plays his keyboard and sings the songs he has learned almost everyday even though we haven’t been able to do Kinderbach since our review account expired last January!!  I have promised him we’ll get started again once we get moved into our new house and get internet figured out this summer!! KINDERBACH ROCKS!! Kinderbach review

Homeschool in the Woods Activity paks we’ve never been a lapbook family, but these activity paks are outstanding quality and the girls have just enjoyed them so much. We will definitely be doing more, and trying out some of the other materials from this company!! Homeschool in the Woods review

Friendly Chemistry though the quality of materials could be a lot better, the way this information is put together and presented is truly outstanding. My 12 year old has a grasp of chemistry equivilant or better than most college chemistry students. Hats off to Dr. Hajda! My Friendly review

Trigger Memory Times Tales you simply can’t live without these if you have a student learning times tables. My biggest thrill of the year came from the look on my husband’s face when my 8 year old whizzed through the answers when I quizzed her times tables!! Trigger Memory review

My "Honorable Mentions" include my favorite homeschool "helps".

*The Old Schoolhouse Magazine -I’ve subscribed to TOS magazine since my very first month I began homeschooling, and just couldn’t live without it. I absolutely LOVE the digital format, and will have a truly difficult time trying to decide between digital and hardcopy when the time comes to renew. The little brown and pink totebag is the my most FAVORITE extra I received this voyage and is all but worn out already, LOL. The planner modules I reviewed are such a fun and cool addition to our extra list as well. TOS ROCKS!!

*Knowledge Quest Homeschooling ABC’s – this weekly course is just genius on the part of Terri Johnson. She has put together the perfect tool to help in mentoring all those new and questioning homeschool families out there, as well as for veterans needing a little motivation and support!! I’ve recommended this to more than I can remember already, and will continue to in the future.  My review

*Salem Ridge Press this is wholesome and trustworthy reading material every homeschooler should have on their shelves. The homeschool graduate behind this company’s mission is a true inspiration for the whole homeschool community. Salem Ridge Press review

*Media Angels I really enjoyed seeing the heart of this talented homeschool mom and daughter team. Another true inspiration to our homeschool community! Media Angels review

Kid Favorites:

Morgan’s List

Friendly Chemistry

Let’s Make a Webpage In review

Media Angel’s Truthseeker’s series (we purchased the sequels too)

Homeschool in the Woods New Testament Activity Pak

Schleich critters (we have a lot of Schleich stuff already)

Taylor’s List:

Salem Ridge Press Mary Jane books (we bought the sequel)

Homeschool in the Woods New Testament Activity pak

Schleich critters

Times Tales

Building Thinking Skills

All About Spelling

Bridge to Latin

Five in a Row (though we didn’t receive the regular FIAR to review, she really wants to do it after helping Levi with Before FIAR)

Kinderbach to do with Levi


Before Five in a Row


One2 Believe Nativity set and Noah’s Ark

Schleich critters

Gena’s "Splish" book (I’ve been meaning to get over to the TOS store to buy an autographed copy for him) Splish review

 So that about wraps it up for me.

One last time- Enjoy your kids!!



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