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Praise Report

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Hello Praiseband fans everywhere! (Hee hee, always wanted to say that…)

   Sorry for no praise report after our Easter service last week. It was truly awesome and a very inspirational and uplifting day at Cross Trails. We arrived at the church really early to get ready for the day, but instead of setting up outside on the deck for services, the weather had us set everything back up inside. It was such a blessing to have the whole band there. We enjoyed worshipping together through some great music. I was very touched when I found out the song that Tracie and I shared this week ( I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin) had special meaning because it’s one her sister and her had claimed for their daddy’s funeral the week before. She was strong and gracious to share her heart with us by using her beautiful voice in sharing some pretty powerful emotions. Her spirit touched and moved me. I really love this song myself, and now has added meaning. I really wanted to add it to my playlist for the week, but there is only a small snippet of the song to add, so I added songs from this week instead. We had breakfast and an Easter egg hunt between services, and was a beautiful day in remembrance of what Christ did for us.

  So this week’s worship was all about the goosebumps for me.

Two of our songwarriors (Gracie and Linda) led praise music over in Sinton at a playday rodeo. Our fabulous (and loud) drummer was out first service, which created quite a mellow and "lowkey" worship session. We started with an unbelievable song that our own Randy wrote inspired when he met his wife. It would certainly be my playlist choice of the week if it were there. Maybe it will be someday!

We moved onto a song, You Shine,  I’d never heard before that just blew me away with the harmony and echo effects. When we left the set to go outside for a breather, I still had humungous goosebumps up and down my arms!! We all agreed it had been an annointed worship experience. "You Shine" would be my second choice for my playlist, and I did put it there but due to it only being a snippet added it after an old favorite Blessed Be the Name. Can’t go wrong with Blessed Be the Name, but especially with the dynamic and rich voice of our fearless praise team leader Tina. She’s a big voice in a little package and sings all the way from her toes (*think Martina McBride here*).

That being said, in our weekly Songwarrior devotionals, we have been discussing being "authentic" in our own gifts and talents. We each have truly been given our own talents and unique styles, and God puts these together kinda like a patchwork quilt. If we each strive to just be ourselves, then God can quilt us altogether into something beautiful.  It can be difficult not to feel inclined to try and imitate Chris Tomlin or sound like a fellow songwarrior when they sometimes bring us to tears with their rich gifts, but it’s humbling to see the quilt God has put together as a whole affecting the hearts and emotions of those coming to praise and worship their Lord. And when I am alone with God, I can just sing and dance and be myself as well, knowing He loves me in the very unique style He made me to be. Reminds me of a song I wrote years ago "He made no mistake when He molded my clay", and "He autographed my heart". My mom loves that one.

So enjoy Blessed Be the Name this week. I have to take a Barn Building break next week from our Praiseband because we have to get it pretty well completed next weekend before Daniel leaves for his 2 week National Guard commitment. Our house is going up really fast and the barn has to be done when they are.

Live your calling!


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