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Praise Report

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Our songs today were fun. Amazing Grace played to House of the Rising Sun is always a hit, especially when Hank jams out on his guitar, and you should hear Gracie. Holy cow she’s awesome , and gives all the glory to Him. We also did Sweet Home Alabama changed to Sweet Home Up in Heaven, which is also a pretty upbeat jammin song. Love to hear Randy’s southern style and Lance was really lost in praise on those drums, though a bit hard on our ears, LOL. I just played base guitar on my keyboard again, which seems to add the most to our band right now. I’m still trying to find a place to fit in, really. Love, love, love being able to look out at the folks smiling and dancing and worshipping!!

   I missed Linda this week. She was out with a stomach bug, and I was lonely over in our spot, LOL. She is a sweet and wonderful lady, and a talented guitar player and singer with an awesome country style. Praying she’s recovering.

Another of our team members was out due to the loss of her father this morning. Lifting Tracey and her family up, and praying for peace and comfort through their grieving.  

I love Chris Rice’s Untitled Hymn which I added to my playlist this week. (turn your speakers on if you want to listen) It’s not one of the songs we did, but really fits this week’s worship experience well. We had a first time speaker today who did a fabulous job. One of the men of our church who has a fierce heart for God really worked hard to prepare a dynamic message this week. He is quite a dynamic personality himself as a church greeter and head of outreach, so it was really a blessing to see him enjoying serving God  and experiencing God talking through him. I can relate to this through the songs that God has written through me, so I found myself rejoicing with him as he got all fired up while speaking. Great job John!

I’m feeling so much stress about the kids and all the broken pieces of life right now not fitting together. I know it’s just a season, and I’m commited to doing the best I can with it until it’s time to move on, and look forward to those pieces taking shape and fitting together to form the bigger picture again. I’m dancing in the midst of the chaos. I’m thankful for friends and the comfort God provides from the stress. Mostly I think I just need some sleep, LOL.

I’m really meditating on a time when I can set up my keyboard or have a piano in our home once it’s finished. I can’t wait to have a chance to play my old songs and write some new ones I’ve been thinking about lately!!  I’m excited for our Easter service next week! It’s going to be AWESOME!

Until next week,

Live your calling!



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