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Truthquest HIStory

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TruthQuest HistoryMore than just memorizing facts, it’s REAL HIStory!!

Do you know the two most important questions in life?

Who is God?

Who, then, is mankind?

Michelle Miller has used these Big 2 Beliefs as the basis to develop a phenominal history program.

She says, "It’s fine to learn a lot of facts, but it’s much better to dig for the really influential factors-what did (this particular group of people) believe about the two most important questions in life?"

With Truthquest history, you will be focusing on what each culture believed about God (or their own gods) and how those beliefs determined the value placed on mankind, because it’s those Big 2 Beliefs that forge the foundation -whether weak or strong- for any civilization.

I might as well go ahead and say that history was on the bottom of my list of favorite subjects. I just never saw the point of memorizing dates and times and names. Unfortunately, that’s the way history was presented to me, and until I happened upon Michelle’s rich and intriguing website 5 years ago when we started homeschooling, I never understood why anyone would want to waste their time studying history. Once Michelle helped me realize that not only was my idea of history wrong, but my defintion was wrong as well, I felt as if my blind eyes had been opened for the first time and I was seeing a bright and beautiful world standing before me! Not only was I overwhelmed to make this discovery for myself, but I was truly overjoyed that my children would be spared the boring (dead) details and learning HIStory in a "real" way that they can be excited about.

So how does Truthquest work? Well, in each chronological guide, Michelle introduces a topic with a lively and rich commentary which will give insight and context to further literature study from books that you choose. She includes an enormous reading list to give you a seemingly never-ending list of rich resources to choose from. She specifically states that you are not to read every book on the list, but the list is so extensive to try and give you enough resources that you might not be discouraged because you can’t find a certain book. I know for me one of the most frustrating things about other programs I have tried is the inability to find the materials recommended or referred to. A HUGE plus of Truthquest is that you WILL be able to find resources to use.

So are there questions or tests included so you can determine what your child is learning? Well, Michelle says you won’t need any tests to show that your kids are learning: they’ll be living what they learn, playing what they learn, talking what they learn, and praying what they learn! When I read this, I almost got tears in my eyes. That is the very criteria that I use to choose learning material for my kids! I have commented on this very thing time and time again with my kids from the very beginning of their little lives.

This being said, included with the commentary and reading selections are "Thinkwrite" exercises. These are strategically placed throughout the manual to help students apply the Big 2 Beliefs to their reading. As they are reading through their chosen literature, they will be answering these questions for the specific people they are studying. Michelle includes her very insightful and knowledgable responses to these exercises to assist in guiding meaningful discussions and explorations.

We were blessed with the Ancient Egypt & Ancient Greece manual.

When we began our TOS Crew voyage last fall, we were about 3/4 through with our study of Egypt using Greenleaf’s Guide to Ancient Egypt. I felt as if I were walking on eggshells trying to present this culture with it’s dark and death-obsessed beliefs, while showing their extreme resourcefullness and  ingenuity in a positive light. My girls were really enjoying Egypt, as you can see here.  So when the opportunity to "wrap it up" and move on presented itself, I was thrilled. I understood Truthquest already from using the first manual with my girls 5 years ago. At that time, however, our situation was calling for a bit different learning style, as we were just beginning our homeschool journey. I had planned to begin using Truthquest again in the later years, and this was just perfect timing!  (Funny how God orchestrates history, isn’t it?)

When our manual arrived in the mail, I refreshed myself by reading through the pages of personal introduction and explaination at the beginning of the manual. My girls were excited to do the same.

As I moved on into Part 1, Ancient Egypt, I found a validating and encourging "note of caution" on studying this culture. Michelle described just what I had been feeling as I was "dancing on eggshells" presenting this material. After a lively discussion of this with my girls, we put a perfect polish on our study and understanding of Ancient Egypt. We began reviewing Ancient Egypt’s culture in Part 1, finding several of the books we had already read included, and reviewing those together, then discussing the thinkwrite exercises. In Part 2, we tied together the history in discussions of specific periods, and pharoahs. Part 3 was instrumental in tying together our study, however. We went through Hebrews in Ancient Egypt, discussing Joseph and Moses. We had listened and really enjoyed Cat of Bubastes by G.A. Henty audiobook before, and it really brought about some great imagination and rich discussions about this culture and the Hebrews, among other things.

So we have just finished polishing off our Egypt study, and Truthquest has been instrumental in providing my girls with "learning civilization as God’s truth, and realizing the only source of freedom is God’s laws, and the only source of human worth is God’s love for us." Sound like something you’d like your children to experience? Here it is!

So, onto Ancient Greece. So far, we’ve been through an introduction to the culture by watching Dave Stott’s Drive Through History, which we had and Morgan has already been through. It’s a really fun resource for overviewing and touring the culture.

Several of the resources I already had collected, including the Famous Men and Greenleaf guide are recommended resources, so we are all ready to go!! We will probably start with a salt map, since we found this really cements where we are going in place. Stay tuned for updates and pictures!!

We will continue through our Truthquest History until we complete all 7 of the main Truthquest series. These include:

Ancient Egpyt/Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Middle Ages

Renaissance, Reformation, Exploration

Age of Revolution l

Age of Revolution ll

Age of Revolution lll

For a timeline of era and to select study, check out this resource.

There are also three levels of American History written for younger students.

These manuals are all adaptable and include literature selections for all ages. That’s one thing that makes them so useful and appealing to homeschool study! There are many resources included for cooking, crafts, art, activities and many other things to richly bless your HIStory studies.

At $24.95 per manual, these are truly a homeschooler’s dream.

Go learn some REAL HIStory with your kids!




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