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Really Great Toys for Really Creative Kids!

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Best action figures and critters on the planet!!

My family has loved Schleich for a few years now. We have many of these figures, and I must say about half of the kids’ Christmas gifts this year came from Schleich, LOL.

They really enjoy the knight collection, castle, and both girls received a fairy treehouse from Grandma and Grandpa this year.

Look how cute:

Summergreen Elf House

 We have barns and stalls and unicorns and critters of all sorts from them too.

The kids were in total disbelief when I said "WOW! Guess who has come onboard for review?"

So what do we like so much about these figures? Well, the attention to detail is really incredible. Most of these animals and figures are fairly anatomically correct, size and shapewise. They are super-durable and the colors are really true.

My two horse-crazy girls have collected quite a bunch of all brands of horse figures (and all kinds of other critters) great and small. These figures enjoy a rich and full imaginary world, where many end up in the veterinary hospital for broken legs or other body parts. While casting broken body parts of my toys when I was a kid is among some of my fondest memories, it can be heartbreaking too for a kid to have a whole collection of broken pieces.

I am happy to report, however, that our veterinary hospital has never treated a broken leg on a Schleich animal of any species!!

We love our Schleichs. I’m also happy to have found such nice quality toys that I am proud to give as gifts. When the girls bring out their "brand X" figures to play with, it’s really nice to have the Scheichs for the three year old to join in with so the girls don’t have to worry about him breaking their toys.

For review purposes, our Schleich farm and zoo happily welcomed:

Schleich Swabian-Hall PigProduct Details

Swabian-Hall pig                                and piglet


Two Humped Camel Toy, 4.80"

Two humped camel


Schleich Male Indian ElephantMale Indian elephant

LION CUB LYING by SchleichLion cub playing


Percheron Foal Toy Horse, 3.14"Percheron foal

I’m so happy to report these guys are all getting along nicely here at the Gunn/Schleich farm and zoo sanctuary.

Taylor says the Schleich cowboy is really enjoying trying to ride the camel, and the knights are enjoying their new "war-elephant". The pigs seem to have adopted the fairy treehouse as home, and the lion cub has been adopted by the jaguar. The foal, of course, is right at home on the ranch.

We just bought some of the new stuff including the cutest chickens and chicks at Tractor Supply last week. There are lots of places online to buy Schleich, and Target also is a favorite place to get our Schleichs, but when we visit TSC to get feed or other ranch supplies, we often throw in a couple of new Schleichs.

Look at all the cool new stuff here!

Thank you to Schleich for making such great playfigures!


Ten thumbs up from Gunn Ranch Academy!!!




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