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Praise Report…More Than Enough

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Time for my weekly Praise report…YAY!!

   We did some great upbeat songs this week at church, and we had Hank back!! Yeah!! Hank is an awesomely talented guitar player and awesome Christian man who has taken a bit of a sabbatical from the band to get a company started. He is fabulous, and really brings so much talent to our praise and worship, just as he has to some workers out there needing jobs and incomes to support their families. As he shared with us all that God is doing in his life, I just thought to myself… "What an honor to know such a mighty warrior."

We’ve been talking lately amongst our team about how each of us brings something to our team and how the dynamics change if one of our team is gone, but how each Sunday God still brings so much praise and worship into our church through the team no matter who it consists of. I’m honored to be a part of that team, and am in constant prayer that I can bring my part to this awesome ministry.

Every week it seems Randy has mentioned something that was exactly what I was thinking in regards to waiting all week for practice… etc. This week he said in response to practice taking longer than expected, and wearing his voice out singing the main vocals on 3 of the songs (by the way, he’s really awesome…you should be so blessed to hear him!) ,  "This is my favorite past-time…I wait all week to do this…"  I feel so much the same way and I’m so thankful God has provided this spot of relief and comfort from my daily struggles. Even after 2-3 hours of practice I always wish it wasn’t over. When we play the last note of the very last song of the day on Sunday morning my thoughts immediately become…awwwww, shucks. Oh well, can’t wait for next week! LOL. I think Randy must feel the same way. I think maybe we could all focus this same energy in another way…Jesus came and died, we have drank the water, but thirst and thirst for more of Him…can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait for more! More of Him!!

   I had a hard time this week due to the death of my precious Aunt on Saturday. I was so thankful that our music this Sunday was very upbeat and "fun", yet very rich and meaningful. I was able to maintain focus on bringing worship except when I closed my eyes and went "inside" where it’s just God and me. That’s where the grieving is, and while I truly understand that my Aunt is with the Lord and a part of me is truly rejoicing that she made it home, my humaness brings tears in the many different facets of the grieving process.

It’s okay to cry. I believe God created tears for a reason. In my song "Shining Star" God gave me the words "a shining star, a beating heart, won’t melt from a teardrop or two…"

…and I believe that. I could write a whole page on the cleansing power of tears. Maybe later. Right now I’m just thinking how hard it is to maintain self control when you have a "job to do."

But God allows for that too, if you just ask. At work so many times it’s so hard to be "professional" and not let my emotions carry me away in so many situations.  To be "real", yet still maintain self control and understanding. To be exactly who God made me, and not what "others" think I should be. Now I will say when it’s my job to end suffering and pain that I do shed a tear or two many times.  I think pet owners understand, and can certainly indentify with that.

Just an addendum here, I’m not referring to being "fake" or "plastic." I’m not referring to not letting my emotions show, or being something I’m not. I just think it’s important to maintain our self control and focus on what God has for us to do, while allowing  ourselves to experience the fullness of His grace and mercy in all of the circumstances of life. He can hold us together and make us stronger through the hard times if we allow Him to. Cool, huh??

So back to our music, I really enjoyed Last Dollar (1,2,3 like a bird I sing cause you’ve given me the most beautiful set of wings…Fly Away…) and American Dream, but among my most favorites is Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman. I really wanted this to be my feature song to add to my blog this week. But the song of the week which really hit home this week just has to be Enough.

In so many ways, this song just brings this season of my life together. With so many things just running so fast and furious these days, feeling like the devil is waiting around every corner, trying to stop any progress we make, trying to shatter anything that is pure and good and lovely, I have just given myself over to continual prayer, continual praise, and am holding fast to the attitude that God is in control, and He is truly MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Listen, then click on the song again and listen with your eyes closed. Go inside where it’s just you and God. No doubts that He’s more than enough.

Til next week…

Live your calling!


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One thought on “Praise Report…More Than Enough

  1. I'm very sorry to hear ur Aunt passed away. My prayers have been going up for all of u and will continue. I know she was a very special member of ur family and went through a lot at the end of her days. I know how tough the grief can be and can only say that God does understand our tears and pain and it is not ever easy to lose someone we love. I'm glad u can keep ur positive attitude about it all and that is something Ive always loved about u! I love u all and miss u guys! God bless u all!!!

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