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Auralog- Tell Me More Spanish Homeschool Edition

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Spanish- Homeschool Edition


I’ve been looking around at foreign language programs for a couple of years now, trying to decide which method and program would fit our family. This year we decided to give an elementary Spanish program a try that fits into our basic curriculum. Morgan has really enjoyed learning some basics, but it truly is just a "dabble" into the language and really doesn’t teach much in the way of reading, writing or grammar.  When I learned of the opportunity to review this comprehensive language program, I was really excited, as was Morgan!

 This program arrived in a bright colorful box which reads "Spanish, Homeschool Edition", 5 Levels determined according to test results (it includes up to ten levels; you can start where you test in at).

Inside, we found:

  • Complete Beginner DVD Rom (called the "Start Here: New Introductory Level")
  • Espanol DVD Rom (Contains Beginner through Advanced lessons)
  • Audio CD
  • Headset with attached microphone
  • Quick Start Guide (Explains how to choose the right level for your student

    We began by setting up seperate accounts for both Morgan and myself. This program allows you to set up accounts for each individual in your family.

    We started with the beginner disc, and chose the "guided mode" which took us through the lessons systematically. One can also choose "free-to-roam" mode which is based on your interest and level, or "dynamic" mode which adjusts lessons according to your progress.

    We started with a demonstration of how to use the program, and then began this immersion approach. It took some getting use to to figure out how to use the program, which is what this immersion approach is all about. It’s as if we were lost in the middle of Mexico and had to find our way through the language. Just like a baby learns language, this is the "just do it" approach. Not so hard once you catch on, and seems really effective in getting the most out a learning a new language.

    I was impressed with the way the program covers reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar vocabulary and even the culture.

    We both enjoy trying to match our voices to the native speaker. As the student speaks into the microphone headset, she sees her own voice inflection graph compared to the native speaker’s graph above.

    All in all, we are really enjoying this program. It is not a beginner’s program, and does take a commitment to use. This is a program for students serious about learning Spanish (or any number of other languages- they carry quite a few different choices.) I do feel it is better suited for older students. Though an advanced Junior High student can certainly use it, I feel on average it is geared more for High School level. This program would easily fit into four years of High School study.

    This program will retail for $319.99 when launched mid-April. I certainly feel it is worth the price for the quality of the program. If you truly want to learn a foreign language, you can’t go wrong here.

    Go learn some Spanish with your kids!




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