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Praise Report…I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, Rain, and Finally a Home!


I Could Sing of your Love Forever!

This is an old favorite. Our Praise Band had a great lineup of songs this week, but this is among my old favorites. Tina asked "does anyone just dance for Jesus sometimes?" I was thinking "if you only knew, LOL"  I love to dance. I love to feel the beat and just get lost in praise inside.  

I have to admit I haven’t felt much like dancing lately. I’m trying to find that joy, though.  The opportunity to play music and feel it in my soul again is certainly my joy. I’ve also made some new friends who really love the Lord. What a joy to be blessed with kindred spirits. Thank you God!

Knowing we are finally going to have a home brings cautious joy. It also brings a whole new level of faith that we will be able to pay for it.

And rain. Rain brings joy! Even though we didn’t get much, I think the grass and flowers will be joyful, as well as our grass grazing critters!

Still, my insides churn in the midst of this storm we are enduring. Praise you, Lord, for joy in this storm.

Til next week..

Live your calling!


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2 thoughts on “Praise Report…I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, Rain, and Finally a Home!

  1. Yes, rain washes away the dust that has settled and accumulated on our lives and reminds us of the beauty around us.
    I haven't felt much like dancing these days as well…but God in his awesomeness brings me out of my struggles, endears me to hear HIS music and I HAVE to dance! He is the lover of my soul, the fire within me, the completer of my faith.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've enjoyed looking around your blog. When I read that you haven't felt like dancing, my first thought was, "Do it anyway!" Psalm 149:3 says, "Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him wiht the timbrel and harp." Psalm 150:4 says something similar, "Praise him with the timbrel and dance." It never says, "Dance for Jesus when you feel like it." So dance for Him anyway! He'll bless you, and eventually you will FEEL like it again. 🙂

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