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Homeschool in the Woods- New Testament Activity Pak

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Homeschool in the Woods

I first learned of Homeschool in the Woods at the very beginning of our homeschool journey, by searching for history and timeline products. Boy does Amy Pak offer some FABULOUS timeline products and history studies including some great unit studies! Her website is unbelievably complete with pictures and descriptions to help motivate homeschoolers new and old alike. She even offers some wonderful unit studies for free! Just a caution: you need a pretty good chunk of time reserved to check it out, as  you’ll not want to leave her corner of the world once you visit!

For review, we received one of her "Hands-on-History Activity Paks". I’ve tried using lapbooks in the past with my girls, but we’ve not ever really been too thrilled with any we’ve tried. I must say, though, I was really happy to receive the NewTestament activity pak, because I have been wanting to cover some of this with our current history time period. Great timing! What a blessing!

When I first opened this to look at it, it was apparent it was more than just a lapbook. I have been really impressed with the artistry and nice quality of what I’ve seen on Amy’s website, and this is no exception. The quality and detail of the pictures and projects is just superb. The girls were overjoyed to begin after viewing the download, so I put in a new ink cartridge and began printing the pages out. They worked diligently on each step of the lapbook until their hands were fatigued! They did such a great job on cutting and coloring in the individual components of the project.

They really particularly enjoyed helping Levi make the Armor of God poster, cutting out each piece and helping him glue them on his poster. We haven’t completed the New Testament News yet, but this is right along the lines of many things the girls have created in the past- maps, scrolls, etc.  Rolling the scroll up on the sticks really brings it to life.

This has truly been a wonderful and one of our most FAVORITE projects of the year! The girls have really loved this project, and asked if there were more of these? Well, funny you should ask. I actually received Amy’s "Artists" activity pak as a gift with something I purchased a couple of years back, and thought it looked like a neat project, but just have never had the chance to try it out. Wow, lucky me! LOL

We will  definitely be purchasing the Old Testament Activity Pak for use next school year. It will be a great project to complete as the first project in our new home! Something to definitely look forward to.

I can’t recommend these activity paks enough to everyone out there. They are so detailed and just the absolute neatest way to study Bible history that I have run across. They would be really make neat projects to complete with a co-op, Sunday School class, or any group as well as individuals. They are geared for grades 3-8.

Thank you for using your wonderful artistic talents in such a creative way Amy! These are really beautiful and amazing keepsakes!

Go create something beautiful with your kids!


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