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 Spelling help!

If spelling is on your kid’s schedule of things to do, you should check out this cool software program that is designed to help children practice their spelling words. Once you download the program onto your computer, it’s really easy to get started right away. All you need is a microphone that hooks up to your computer, and a spelling list.

Once you click on "Create a spelling list", you record the words along with definitions, sentences, or clues (funny clues are great motivation here), and then your student is all ready to go. Yes, it’s just that easy.

Once the student clicks on "Quiz me on a list", she is quizzed on the words one at a time, with immediate feedback (you can choose from different responses). If a word is spelled incorrectly, it will be added to the end of the list to be re-quizzed. The number of correctly spelled words is revealed once the list has been completed.

We have never used spelling lists at our house, so this was a challenge to "fit in". I’ve tried to add spelling to our schedule, but everything I tried was little more than a time waster, until I finally realized I had "natural spellers." The girls both began reading at 3.5 years of age, and I suppose that their natural decoding abilities have always helped them at spelling. When I catch a word spelled incorrectly, I just point it out and they visually practice it the correct way. This usually corrects spelling errors for us.

Since I have no spelling lists at my house, I wasn’t sure what to use to try out this program. I thought about vocabulary words, but those, again, are a bit of a time waster for us. We very rarely run across vocabulary words that really need rote practice, although I think the idea in theory is a great one for some families.

Then I found that Dan Hite, creator of this cool spelling software, has lists of downloadable spelling words over at the website! He has even created some seasonal lists for Valentine’s day, St. Pat’s day and Easter to add some fun to it. You can import these lists right into your program!

This program can be purchased for $29.95 for a single license, or less per license for multiples. You can get a cd backup for an additional charge as well.

You can also see some screen shots, video demonstrations, and download a free trial if you go check it out!

Go spell with your kids!



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