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Math Tutor

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Math Tutor DVD provides math help on DVD to students taking courses in Basic Math, all levels of Algebra, Trig, Calculus, Probability, and Physics.


Math Tutor is a great place to pick up some extra help in teaching and learning math. Jason Gibson has quite the credentials , but is the first to say they don’t amount to a "hill of beans" if you can’t teach a subject in a way that students can understand and learn. My kind of teacher, for sure!!

Math Tutor does teach in a very straight forward method in which students can very easily see the problems worked out on a white board. He does repeat the problem several times, so it might seem kind of boring for those who get the concept faster and don’t require repetition, but is very helpful for younger students or those "stuck" on a concept. The nice thing about DVD format is that one can always forward to the next lesson once the concept is mastered.

We received two programs for review:

Math Help: The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor - 2 DVD Set - 8 Hour Course Algebra Help: The Algebra 2 Tutor -- 2 DVD Set -- 6 Hour Course






Basic Math Word Problems and Algebra 2 , both $26.99.

For a limited time, each customer will receive 60 minutes of free online tutoring available 24/7  through, which is a $35.00 value!

These programs are certainly worth the cost, and in my opinion are a great supplement to any math program. My girls were a little bored with the basic word problems because they are already past that level, but had a whole lot of fun viewing the Algebra 2 one trying to figure it out. It’s a bit hard to say whether they would actually be of use in our home since we didn’t review anything on their level, but I will certainly keep this tool in my Doctor Mom bag in case we ever get stuck and need some extra help. I can certainly see us ordering these in the future, especially once we get to Algebra and on to Calculus. Jason has a whole heap of help over at his website in just about any math level you might need.

Go check it out! Listen to some student success stories, and even view some samples here!

Most of all, have fun learning with your kids!



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